Unique Ways to Celebrate Christmas While Studying Abroad

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Christmas while Studying Abroad

Jingle Bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way! The Christmas spirit is in the air adding some joy to the turbulent months we went through in 2020! For international students abroad, this Christmas might not lead to homecoming so you might have to spend the holidays away from home. So, if you are looking for ways to celebrate Christmas while in a foreign country, we are here to help you make the most of these joyful holidays! Scroll through this blog to know the best and unique ways to celebrate Christmas while studying abroad.

Go Christmas Carolling with Friends

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Even though you can’t spend Christmas at your home with your family, that shouldn’t stop you from spreading Christmas cheer, so join your friends for a carolling session. Make sure to wear a mask and take extra precautions and then you can go around the neighbourhood spreading some cheers! Roaming on the streets in the winter weather with your friends and singing Christmas carols will definitely make you feel at home with the added bonus of spreading joy and happiness. Thus, if you are celebrating Christmas while studying abroad, get some bells ready, warm up your vocal chords, wear a mask and head out following social distancing and spreading Christmas cheer!

Have a Zoom Christmas Party!

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Another fun way to celebrate Christmas while studying abroad is to have a virtual zoom party with your friends and family back home. You can organise fun quizzes, have a Christmas dinner and even watch a movie together on Zoom! This way, you can make the most of Christmas while away from home but still see your family without worrying about going outside!

Find out How the Locals Celebrate Christmas

There are various types of traditions and celebrations for Christmas around the world. Just like in India, you can find many families celebrating Christmas with a traditional Christmas dinner with family and friends. Most will attend church at night to pray and then begin their Christmas celebrations. So, for this Christmas when you are studying abroad, you can always invite your neighbours or have a small gathering with the locals (remember to follow social distancing) and take part in how they celebrate Christmas!

Celebrate Christmas with Friends from your Home Country

In most cases, at the same university, you’ll find people from your own country. Another unique way to celebrate Christmas while studying abroad is to bring other international students together and who knows, you might meet mates from your home country too! If you are missing your folks back home, this is also a perfect way to beat homesickness.

Celebrate on your University Campus

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Your classmates are your family in a foreign country, so what better way to celebrate Christmas than with your family? Just like you, there will be various students who will be spending Christmas at the university so it is the best time to bond with them and get to know them better. If your country is still in lockdown, then the campus is the safest place to celebrate Christmas while studying abroad. You can organise a movie marathon, get your friends together and have a nice dinner at the campus.

Volunteer at a Shelter

Christmas is the time to give back to society and this year has already been rough for people around the world. So, you can always go for volunteering during the holidays and either cook food on your own and then donate it or volunteer at a shelter to help the homeless. The smile on a homeless person’s face will surely vanish your homesickness away! Thus, if you are looking for unique ways to celebrate Christmas while studying abroad, look for NGOs or food shelters in your area and do some volunteering there!

Celebrate with your Friend’s Family

Another great way to celebrate Christmas while studying abroad is to join your friends’ in their family celebrations. Christmas is all about spreading joy and love all around so you will always get invitations from your close friends so make sure that you follow the precautions and join their family traditions. Don’t forget to display your gratitude or share your appreciation for the hosts. Before you go, it’s always a good idea to read up on these rituals a little. You may inquire whether a present, a dessert or a wine can be taken along with you. A gift for the host is typically customary for guests to bring along.

Make your own Christmas Traditions

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One of the things that you miss the most while celebrating Christmas as an international student are your home festivities traditions, so why not make your own traditions this year. Maybe get a small Christmas tree for your room and decorate it or plan an elaborate traditional dinner with your friends or spend the night carolling with your classmates, there are so many things that can be done and which can become your own Christmas tradition.

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Thus, whichever way you celebrate Christmas while studying abroad, make sure to welcome other homesick students in your festivities and do something on your own for the people in need. Most importantly, stay safe, wash hands, wear a mask and follow social distancing rules this Christmas! Gearing up to study abroad in 2021? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you find the right course and university and further assist you through the admission process! Merry Christmas!

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