Major Changes in GMAT Exam Pattern

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Changes in GMAT Exam Pattern

GMAT is a famous exam that almost every international university accepts as an efficiency to join management courses. Some of the top universities like Harvard University, Oxford University, Wharton, and Yale accept GMAT scores. But since the pandemic, GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) is in the news due to changes in the GMAT exam pattern, syllabus, mode of examination and more!

List of Changes in GMAT Exam Pattern

GMAC announced a hurried decision of allowing students to take At-home GMAT in April 2020 due to the pandemic. However, some of the features of this GMAT test were not appreciated by the students. Under this, students were not allowed to use pen and paper, or a physical white board but a digital white board that GMAC provided. Students faced a lot of issues with time management.

Many believe that GMAT took this hurried decision as their competitor exam GRE had begun to attract more audience due to providing well thought out online exams. But one of the major reasons is that many reputed business schools like Imperial College London, INSEAD, Wharton, etc began to waive GMAT scores for the year of pandemic. Overall, last year has been full of trouble for GMAC. But 2021 has brought many changes to the exam. Let’s check them out:

Permanent AT-Home GMAT

In the month of January, GMAC announced that its at-home exams will be allowed permanently, irrespective of the pandemic.

Improvising for the Pandemic

Having received several feedbacks, GMAC has decided to give an option to students for using either online or physical whiteboards. They have introduced disability accommodation. Students can also retake their online GMAT exam.

Changes in GMAT Exam from February 10, 2021

GMAC announced several changes in its exam pattern, making it much more flexible for exam takers and university authorities. Check out all the updates:

  • Preview unofficial scores immediately – GMAT exams are known for providing quick results within a week. But now you don’t even have to wait for that. As soon as you are done with your exam, you can view your unofficial scores and plan your study journey ahead.
  • More Breaks – Initially you could not take breaks between At-Home GMAT test but now it is the same as it is in when taking GMAT at a test centre. You can take an optional break of eight minutes between first two section and another eight-minute break between the other two sections.
  • Take Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) – In order to make both online and test centre examinations same, you must take AWA, the essay section in online GMAT exam as well.
  • Decide the order you want to take your exam – There will be no stringent rule in what section of the exam you can take first. Instead, you can decide which section first
  • Test Duration – GMAT at home will provide students with:
30 Minutes for 1 AWA Question
30 Minutes for 12 Integrated Reasoning Questions
65 Minutes for 36 Verbal Questions
62 Minutes for 31 Quants QUestions

Important Dates for Enhanced GMAT Exams

Important EventDate
RegistrationFebruary 17, 2021
Appointment Dates BeginApril 8, 2021
Last Date for current AppointmentApril 7, 2021

GMAT has seen several changes since the pandemic. As per Joy Jones, GMAC’s chief product officer, GMAT has brought these changes for the ‘long-term needs of Candidates and B-Schools‘. Want to prepare for GMAT online? Register for Leverage LIVE and get a FREE trial class! Stay tuned with Leverage Edu to know more about the world of education!

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