CBSE Introduces Coding and Data Science as New Subjects

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CBSE introduces coding and data science as new subjects for the next academic session

CBSE introduces Coding and Data Science as new subjects for the new academic year 2021-2022. CBSE is all set to collaborate with Microsoft to offer coding to Class 6-8 students and data science curriculum for Class 8-12 as new skilling subjects in the 2021-2022 academic session. Here are the highlights for the new announcement:

  • CBSE has introduced Coding as a subject for 12 hours’ duration for class 6-8th along with a more in-depth skill subject of Data Science in Classes 9 -12. 
  • The supplementary students’ and staff’s books in Coding and data science have been designed by Microsoft in accordance with the NCERT patterns and structures.
  • This curriculum has been introduced in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, in collaboration with Microsoft.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is developing the curriculum for Coding and Data Science with the technology giant, Microsoft to offer young students a chance to develop a unique skill. The curriculum for the two subjects will be organised and worked on in collaboration with the software giant, Microsoft for the upcoming academic session 2021-2022.

Coding and Data Science as Skill Modules

The subjects have been launched according to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 that recommended the introduction of coding-related activities and integration of a variety of skills in the school syllabus from the middle school level, to build next-generation skills set in students. The newly introduced curriculum focuses on building;

  • Critical Thinking
  • Computational Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills 
  • Creativity
  • Hands-on Exposure to New Technologies. 

“As we transition to a world that relies increasingly on technology, it is critical that we impart skills that prepare students and educators across the country to succeed in this digital world. The new course curriculum on coding and data science will equip students with future-ready learning skills. This is an important step to enable self-reliance in our students and equip them with skills like problem-solving, logical thinking, collaboration and design thinking that are critical for success.” said Manoj Ahuja, Chairman, CBSE.

“The idea is to simplify the coding learning experience by nurturing design thinking, logical flow of ideas and applying this across the disciplines. The foundations laid in the early years will help the students to build the competencies in the area of AI, Data Sciences and other disciplines,” said the notification sent to all CBSE schools on June 3.

The supplementary students’ and staff’s books in Coding and data science have been designed by Microsoft in accordance with the NCERT patterns and structures. It covers real-life examples aimed at building exposure to the ethical dimensions of Microsoft MakeCode. Microsoft MakeCode is a free, open source platform that provides a space for students to engage in computer science learning experiences  across all disciplines including mathematics, languages, and social sciences, that support a progression path into real-world programming. 

“Skills like coding and data science are the currency of the future. Including these skills in school, the curriculum will play a strong role in preparing India’s future workforce for the new world of work,” Navtez Bal, Executive Director, Public Sector, Microsoft India.

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