Highest Paying Careers for Music Lovers

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Top Careers in the Music Industry

Did you know that Metallica is the only living band that has performed on all the continents or that Michael Jackson’s album -Thriller has sold over 70 million copies worldwide? The music industry is a vast network of job opportunities that employ singers, dancers, producers, and technicians. If you are someone who finds solace in creating music then this blog is perfect for you because we are going to cover some of the top careers in the music industry for music lovers!

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Music Producer

careers in music
Source: Institute of Production and Recording

As per the New York Times report, an online record marketplace, called Bandcamp, sells over 80,000 albums every day. This is possible because of a music producer. They earn between $25,000-$1,000,000 (INR 18,25,450- 7,40,00,000) annually by selling music to distributors. They are primarily responsible for promoting music from creative and commercial angles and the POC between musicians and record labels. Music producers often invest in their capital to produce music and originals.

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Music Composer

careers in music
Source: CMUSE.org

Did you know that AR Rahman, India’s most popular music composer has created originals and songs for over 140 films in over 7 different languages? A music composer is one of the highest paying jobs in the music industry, they earn between $1500 to $35,000 (INR 1,09,543- 25,56,004) per project. Music composers write and arrange music across different genres for films, TV shows, video games, songs, and youtube videos.

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Artist Manager

An artist manager is someone who provides opportunities for music artists and performers. They are responsible for promoting and scouting for opportunities to enhance their client’s careers. Good communication skills, leadership qualities, and networking are key to being an artist manager. They are responsible for booking the events and assisting in publishing and negotiating deals. An artist manager gets 10 to 50% of an artist’s earnings

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Travel Manager

Travel Manager is one of the most popular careers in the music industry. They can get up to $2500 (INR 1,82,545) per week. A travel manager organizes events and confirms all the bookings from transportation to accommodation. A tour manager should be aware of logistics and management, they need to have a sound understanding of different regions and audiences and must fulfill the travel needs of the artist. 

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Booking Agent

As per the RIAA report of 2018, the music industry earns an average of $41,935, per year. The majority of the income comes from live concerts and booking agents make this possible. They facilitate bookings regarding live performances that include concert venues, technical equipment, hospitality, and concert arrangements. A booking agent works in coordination with the management team and works according to their touring schedule.They easily earn between $50,000 to $250,000 (INR 36,50,900-1,82,54,500) per event or booking. 

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Recording Engineer

Did you know that the recording industry was at $20.2 billion in 2019. All thanks to recording engineers with knowledge of recording technologies. That’s why they earn between $25,000- $150,000 (INR 18,25,450- 11,10,00,000) and above. Primarily responsible for manipulation to produce good sound. Work on traditional and technical recording techniques that include digital audio, analog audio, signal flow, microphones, compressors. They organize sessions of recording and repair the technical issues. They should also have management skills. Editing and mixing training is also important to run recording sessions smoothly.

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Music Teacher

careers in music
Source: ReverbNation Blog

The music industry created 1.9 million jobs in 2016 and teaching music was one of the highest in-demand jobs. A private instructor charges $30 (INR 2,190) per hour while music teachers in schools or colleges can earn up to INR 30,000 to 40,000 per month. From vocalists to instrumentalists, there is a high demand for music teachers across the world. A sound musical background, experience, and certifications can help kick start a career in this dynamic field.

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Event Musician

careers in music
Source: Inc Magazine

The music industry revenue is set to grow to $40 billion by 2030. A major source of this revenue comes from live shows, performances and music festivals like Coachella and Sunburn. These shows often hire event musicians to make it a huge success. Event musicians contribute to the recording sessions, join bands on their tours and get paid as per the scale of the live concerts. The range is between $100 to $2500 (INR 7,400- 1,82,571) per day up to $100,000 (74,00,000). Freelancers can be event musicians for pop stars and singers. 

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Top Recruiters for Musicians

The best companies that pick people for careers in music are mentioned below.

  • Spotify
  • Sony Music
  • Tips Industries Limited
  • T-Series Limited
  • Universal Music India
  • Zee Music Company
  • MTV
  • Apple Music
  • Saavn
  • SoundCloud 

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Pursuing a career in the music industry is not only lucrative but also great for building a diverse network and travel! Want to pursue a music degree to kickstart your career then call our experts on 1800 572 000 and get professional help from Leverage Edu in shortlisting the best courses and colleges today. 

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