Read, Write and Work Alone: The Amazing Careers Every Introvert will Love!

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Best Career Options for Introverts

Do you feel comfortable staying alone? Or prefer to write than talk? These might be the signs of being an introvert! You must consider your personality traits while looking for the best career for you! If you choose a career that involves talking, group activities and long meetings, you might end up feeling uncomfortable and exhausted as an introvert! But choosing a combination of a career that challenges you yet keeps you closer to who you are can help you thrive professionally! This blog brings you the best careers for introverts you must consider!

Fact: Some of the most popular introverts are Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Steven Spielberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Jordan!

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Unique Skills to Leverage as an Introvert

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Introversion comes on a certain side of the human personality spectrum referring to people who feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas, rather than spending a lot of time outside or around people. Introverts like to have alone time to utilise their thoughts into something productive or with just one or two people.

Here are some of the skills and qualities that set introverts apart and can be leveraged to build a wonderful career:

  • Introverts have excellent listening skills
  • Introverts are super-focused with the unique ability to work on a task for hours without distractions.
  • Introverts are great at observing others.
  • Introverts work well with personal interactions and meetings rather than big group meetings.
  • Introverts are avid bookworms and like working on their own!

Best Careers for Introverts

There are many opportunities out there for introverts, all you need to do is explore more and pick the best for you.

Here are our best picks for the most amazing careers for introverts:

  1. Accounting Manager
  2. Psychiatrist or Therapist
  3. Writer
  4. Landscape Designer
  5. Content Writer
  6. Executive Chef
  7. IT Manager
  8. Proofreader/Book Editor
  9. Graphic Designer
  10. Mechanic
  11. Librarian
  12. Research Scientist
  13. Paralegal
  14. Technical Writer
  15. Social Media Manager
  16. Software Engineer

Let’s get to know about  the Careers :-

Accounting Manager

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As Accounting Manager, you work on your own while crunching numbers, analysing financial statements and mulling over important financial decisions. As one of the best high-paying careers for introverts, they interpret the data provided and interact the same with the board regarding the position of the business or company as well as helps in making financial decisions. Their recommendations are valuable and followed by the company. The basic responsibilities include verification of financial data, overseeing the accounting team, managing the financial information, etc.

Salary: ₹7 Lakhs INR p.a.

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Psychiatrist or Therapist

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A psychiatrist (mainly an M.D. or a D.O.) is a medical professional specialising in Psychotherapy and Mental Health which also includes substance use disorders. A therapist is a person who has received training to help treat mental or physical health problems. In the context of psychology, a therapist is a person who is trained and licensed to practice psychotherapy. Both Psychiatry and Psychotherapy are the best careers for introverts because they are good at observing people, can work well with one to one conversations as well as active listening.

Salary: ₹9 Lakhs INR p.a.

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Content Writer

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This job is perfect for an introvert which includes writing instead of talking. A content writer has to create engaging blogs, make videos, audios, images and increase the search engine optimization for a company.

Salary: ₹ 6 Lakhs p.a.

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Book Editor/Proofreader

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As almost every introvert shares an affinity for reading, the role of book editor, proofreader or content editor can also be ideal for your skills. The salary for this role differs mainly as per the organisation you are working with, but the job pertains to reading, collaborating with writers as well as monitoring the process of book or content publishing in the basic terms.

Executive Chef

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An Executive Chef is a highly skilled professional cook. His work basically includes overseeing the operations of a restaurant or dining facility. They are further responsible for the food that comes out of a kitchen, from conception to execution.

Salary: ₹10 Lakhs p.a.

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Graphic Designer

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The work of graphic designers basically includes creating visual concepts with the computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas to inspire, inform and capture consumers. They further develop the complete layout and also production design for the mobile and computer applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports and also web development.

Salary: ₹3 Lakhs p.a.

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Thus, we hope that this blog helped you find the best careers for introverts as per your skills and traits! Struggling with your career choices? Sign up for a free session with our Leverage Edu mentors and we will help you find the best career as per your skills and interests!

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