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Employers and hiring managers may sift through tens and thousands of resumes on a daily basis, all of which offer them a suitable mix of education, experiences and skills but a strong and engaging career objective may just make the difference and highlight a candidate from the crowd. It acts as a brief introduction of yourself, what you have done, what you are good at and what you plan to achieve. Since it should not exceed two to three sentences, it succinctly highlights why you are a perfect candidate for the job. So, for those college students applying for an internship, it is difficult to convey that you have the right attitude and motivation required to work in an office environment but a well-written career objective for internship might help you elaborate your skills and stand out from the pile of resumes. 

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Career Objective for Internship: Structure & Content

Before you start writing and deleting different career objectives, you must remember a few important pieces of information as to its content and structure. Avoid using cliched terms you saw on the internet or on someone else’s resume. Research on the subjects you have studied till now, the skills you have developed and form cogent statements that define you. Moreover, using a thesaurus is a strict no-no. The hiring manager is not looking to test your vocabulary skills. Be clear but convincing, direct but not blunt and relevant not reckless. Also, many times students make the error of mentioning what they expect from the company in the career objective for internship not focusing on their own experiences. 

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To help you in constructing the career objective for internship, here are a few examples you may use only as illustrations but beware to not use them as copy sources. Employers instantly realise whether you have given effort on your career objective or not.

A computer science enthusiast with college project experiences in programming, machine learning and data analysis looking to apply gained knowledge and skills in a short-term internship role in analytics, data or research. 

Pursuing an undergraduate degree in business with a total of 6 months freelance and part-time experiences in market research, social media and content. Actively seeking internship opportunities in marketing.

As an individual studying a mathematics degree, I intend to leverage my knowledge in internship roles in the field of market research and analysis. I also possess strong problem solving, teamwork and time management skills.

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A dynamic and energetic individual pursuing a graduate degree in law with 1 year experience of working as the Chairman of College Legal Society and currently looking to explore internship opportunities in the legal sector.

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With consistently above par GPA scores in my undergraduate degree in English, I have also associated myself with activities in social media, event management and content writing. Hope to work and explore internship roles in the publishing sector.

Psychology second-year student with a sound knowledge of marketing, media and communications. My previous experiences include working on research projects, college assistantships and freelance content writing. I look forward to the opportunity of working alongside committed individuals at ABC company.

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Aspiring individuals, more often than not, do not realise the significance of writing a strong and compelling career objective for internship. Since it is mentioned almost at the top of the resume, it is amongst the first things read by the hiring manager and therefore, must be written with careful consideration. Moreover, the structure, ordering and layout of your resume also carries as much importance. Make your resume characterize your skills and field you hail from, for instance, for a design internship, construct your resume look in an attractive way using graphics or in any other appealing manner but don’t go too much overboard with it. The important thing to remember is to mould the resume into a representation of you and convey the message to the hiring manager. Get in touch with our mentors at Leverage Edu and we’ll assist you in various aspects of resume building and reconstruction so that you step closer to landing your dream job.

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