Career in Painting

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Career in Painting

“Painting is the poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is felt rather than seen” – Leonardo Da Vinci. Do you remember the first time you held a paintbrush? How fascinating it was to see those mesmerising 12 shades ‘Poster Colours’. From candle feel of those crayons to satisfying smell of the paint, colouring and painting were the most endearing elements of our childhood. Those with a passion for art, personal creativity and professional skills can definitely build a career in Painting. However, it is a work of crafting a masterpiece with a lot of patience. A competent painter does not need a magic wand, but a mind filled with extraordinary ideas and also the techniques to exhibit and sell your art. Here’s a blog for you to understand the scope of being a professional painter.


Painting is a medium to express what you think and how well you can describe that on a blank canvas. This discipline falls under the category of Fine Arts where students get to understand various form of arts like Still Life, Landscape, Portraiture, Abstract, Nature, etc. Three primary tools of painting are the brush, colours and canvas. Nowadays, paintings are not restricted to conventional art techniques but have extended to various styles such as painting on glass, on fabric, pottery, etc.

This field has tremendously grown with the advent of technologies such as 3D Paintings and Animations which are emerging as one of the most popular career choices among enthusiastic students. Thousands of students across the world are opting for professional and degree programs, diploma and certificate courses in order to build an exciting career in Painting.

Diverse Career in Painting

There are various degree courses, diploma, certificate and online programs available for students to learn the art and techniques of Painting and Fine Arts. Students are nurtured with various skills and abilities to create a talented and rewarding portfolio. These courses comprise of various painting subjects and concepts such as colour theories, history of painting culture of art, different types of painting, modes of media, etc to help students develop a strong base in painting, sketching and drawing. Moreover, students are taught different styles of painting which include Continental, Western, Indian, Eastern, African and Islamic.

There are various contemporary art sessions offered by different art institutes, where art pieces are discussed from around the world. Students are also provided with several media involved in painting such as oil, acrylic, ink, water, pastel, enamel, paint, tempera, etc to help them build a fascinating and colourful career in Painting.

Here is a range of prominent courses for students to create a career in Painting:

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Bachelor Degree Courses 

  • BA in Painting and Drawing
  • BA Painting
  • BFA Painting
  • BFA Applied Arts

Master Degree Courses

  • MA Visual Arts (Fine Art Digital)
  • MA in Painting
  • MA Fine Art Painting
  • MFA Fine Art

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Painting
  • Junior Diploma Course Part 1
  • Junior Diploma Course Part 2

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate Course in Painting
  • Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting
  • Junior Certificate in Fine Arts Part 1
  • Junior Certificate in Fine Arts Part 2

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Top Institutes Offering Painting Courses

There are several prestigious universities, colleges and institutes across the world offering interesting courses to seek a professional career in Painting. Below is a list of some of the renowned institutions for Fine Arts and Painting:

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Following your passion can boost your career and eventually help you grow as an individual. We hope that this blog has helped you in understand the various aspects involved with a career in Painting. If you’re planning to pursue a field in Fine Arts and Painting, you can reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu, who can assist you in choosing the right institute that will help you delve deeper into the world of arts. 

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