How to Make a Career in Comedy? Learn with the Journey of Rahul Subramanian

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Career in Comedy

When we think about successful careers, Engineering, Medicine, Architecture and Business are the most common names to pop up! Did someone tell you that the most successful career is the one which you truly enjoy being a part of? Heard of someone making a career in Comedy? Here is the story of Rahul Subramanian and how he built a career in comedy!

Rahul Subramanian is a comedian who says that he realized a bit too late in his life that he was too obsolete for the business sector.  And since this realization, he has become a standard among the nation’s renowned comedy locations and is presently performing his one-hour solo – Kal Main Udega. As the art of comedy has become more and more permissible, it also finds its way into local languages and as a value chain, Rahul Subramaniam perceives this as a huge achievement for comedy.

About Rahul Subramanian and His Career in Comedy

An MBA from IMT Ghaziabad, Rahul Subramanian comes from Chembur which he likes to call “the posh part of Mumbai”. He has a nice calmness on his face while he does stand up -“Harry Potter and the Chembur of Secrets, for his already allured audience. His sharp humour brand also incorporates puns about the monorail—”the 2 billion dollar investment that covers less distance than Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.”

Rahul Subramanian
Image Source: Hindustan Times

Rahul Subramaniam loved reading Chacha Chaudhary comics when he was a child and never considered continuing to pursue his art of comedy professionally. 

Rahul Subramanian has been practising as a comedian and started his career in comedy in 2014. He broke into the picture by earning stand-up events such as Virgin Pants and Canvas Laugh Club (All India open-mics) and also the first YouTube Comedy Hunt (sketch video competition) alongside his buddy Kumar Varun for their Variational Chikibum channel.

Subramanian says that if he is not doing stand-up or playing videos by Random Chikibum or All India Bakchod, you will see him continuing to pursue his passions and interests, which include seeing, waiting, and getting stuck in traffic, all the activities that make him compose better gags and illustrations that make you go, “it’s also happened to me! ”

In 2013, I didn’t know that stand-up comedy would even be considered a profession in India. My first field exposure was Russell Peters, and then The Great Indian Laughter Challenge,” stated Rahul Subramanian.

The Essence Of His Jokes

From jokes about the persuasive power of ads to Indian parents’ fixation with naming their children from the letter A and even lingerie, Rahul’s comedy rarely has a larger-than-life message. He likes to keep it simple and short and that is what usually connects with the audience so well, in such a manner that they end up wanting more and laughing hard.

Rahul Subramanian says he does not come with the intent of changing the world or bringing around a revolution. Instead, he wants to come up with jokes and content which he finds funny. The idea is if you do or say something which you find funny, you can convey it in an even better manner. 

His first goal, as a comic, is to get the content that he finds funny. His goal is not to transform the world, and he firmly believes that he should feel for a motive before he speaks about it. 

My first aim, as a comic, is to put out content that I find funny. My aim is not to change the world or send a message or even drive a point home“. ~ Rahul Subraniam

Rahul Subramanian - Essence Of His jokes
Image Source: IWMBuzz

Rahul Subramanian says he feels a connection with Mumbai and calls it his city. He is in awe of the fact that this city – the city of dreams – has many people entering it, to achieve and fulfil their dreams. He feels Mumbai is cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word. He puts his feelings beautifully and says even though no one owns the city, everyone still, is a part of it. 

Sometimes he gets threats and hates messages for his acts but apart from trolling, he has also got a lot of love. People message him to tell him that they were going through some tough times but his comedy cheered them up and exhibits how good he is at his job.

Kal Main Udega
Image Source: YouTube

Kal Main Udega

Rahul Subramanian has presented a set of jokes for Amazon Funnies, which is available on Amazon Prime Video. It is a discourse in which a lot of mentions of the ’90s and kids who have grown up in the 90s will associate with it the most. Starting with a rib-tickling funny skit, the stand-up is an entertainer from the very beginning. He jokes effortlessly about how children are pushed towards pursuing engineering and MBA as a career and how they are under parental pressure more than peer pressure. 

“Kal Main Udega” reveals why the Indian stand-up scene flourishes on YouTube because the clips are often under 10min. “Kal Main Udega” is filled with super-fresh stories and an hour of non-stop laughter. Though on the surface his jokes seem random and unrelated, there are so many subtle cheesy sublayers.

Subramanian is the perfect example of the fact that you do not need to make funny faces or bend your body at weird twisted angles to make the audience laugh and put across your joke. Comedy comes naturally to him and transcends from him to the audience in the most casual manner – making it more appealing, which is an important factor that helped him build up a successful career in comedy.

Source: YouTube


What is the best degree for comedy?

If you want to have a career in comedy then going for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Drama can help you greatly. In this course, you will be able to develop skills as a performer and an actor which can prove to be beneficial in your stand-up comedy journey.

What are the qualifications for comedy?

To become a comedian there are no as such qualifications needed to become a comedian. The only thing that is important is that you need to be funny. The comedian should have strong communication and writing skills which can make people laugh.

What occupation is a comedian?

Comedian occupation is considered an entertainer.

Who is the richest comedian?

With a new North of USD 950 million, Jerry Seinfeld is the richest comedian in the world.

This was all about the manager-turned-comedian Rahul Subramanian who left his entrepreneurial career to pursue a more satirical voyage. Hope you found some inspiration to make a career in Comedy! Let us know your feedback in the comment section below! Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for more such Proficient valuable punny stories! For more such educational content follow us on LinkedInYoutubeFacebookQuora, and Instagram! 

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