7 Careers in Adventure You Can’t Miss

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Career in Adventure

Are you always up for an adventure? Do you love the thrill, excitement and sense of accomplishment after doing something adventurous? What if you get an option to do what you love and get paid for it? While this may sound too good to be true, it actually is! There is a range of different adventurous careers that you can choose from and live your dream life at work. Want to know more about this? Take a look at this blog on career in Adventure to know about the different opportunities that lie in front of you!

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible options you have if you wish to pursue a career in Adventure:

  • Outdoors Photographer
  • Scuba Diving Instructor
  • Safari Guide
  • Watersports Instructor
  • Travel Content Creator
  • Adventure Tour Guide
  • Skydiving/Base Jumping Instructor
  • Theme/Water Park Ride Tester
  • Water Rafting Guide
  • Ski/Snowboard Instructor
  • Paradise Island Caretaker
  • Storm Chaser
  • Travelling Yoga Instructor
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Cruise Worker

Explained below are some of the most popular careers in Adventure:

Wildlife Photographer

A very popular career in Adventure, wildlife photographers are professionals who capture photos of wild animals in their natural habitats. A perfect career for you if you are passionate about nature, this is a very challenging profession that requires a level of expertise. Wildlife photographers have to travel extensively to various locations and wait for long durations while camouflaging themselves in order to click that perfect photograph. The key skills required for this profession include a thorough knowledge of different aspects of photography, an eye for detail, and lots of patience.

Skydiving Instructor

A very popular career in Adventure, this profession allows you to literally fly, well, almost! As a skydiving instructor, your role is to train tourists regarding all the basic sky diving skills, including safety measures, jumping techniques etc. you will also be responsible for performing all the necessary safety checks on the equipment and gears prior to skydiving. The basic requirements that you need to become a professional in this field in addition to the relevant training include physical fitness, good communication skills, and patience.

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Travel Writer

Travel writing is one of the most popular careers in Adventure that you can opt for, especially if you love travelling and have a flair for writing. A dream job for many, your main role is to travel to different places around the world and document them with vivid descriptions in your writing. The best way to start on this career is to build upon your skills through freelancing while having a solid social media presence to show your work to the world. The main skills that you would require in this profession is creativity, excellent writing skills and communication skills.

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Adventure Filmmaker

Adventure filmmaking is among the most challenging careers in Adventure that you can opt for. Adventure filmmakers generally make adventure documentaries through filming expeditions, wildlife, sports activities etc. in remote and exciting locations around the world. The essential skills required for making a career in this field include creativity, knowledge of cameras and different angles etc, along with passion and hard work.

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Safari Guide

Another popular career in Adventure, safari guides provides information about wild animals and their natural habitat to the general public while on a safari. The best safari guide is one who not only has extensive knowledge about wildlife but is also endlessly passionate towards it. The key skills needed in this profession include communication skills, professionalism, memory and high levels of energy.

Safari Guide - Career in Adventure
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Deep Sea Diver

Another top choice for a career in Adventure is deep-sea diving. This career option will allow you to explore all the treasures hidden under the ocean. You need to be physically fit to carry on the roles required, which may include working for scientific researches, archaeological work, stunt work or forensic work. While the main requirement for this profession is excellent swimming skills, you do need to have certifications that qualify you as a diving instructor along with a rescue certification.

Adventure Tour Guide

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The job of an adventure tour guide is to lead tourists or groups for different outdoor adventurous activities. The role of a tour leader or tour guide includes organising the tour while providing detailed information to all the participants and answering all their questions. The main skills required for this kind of job include leadership and good communication skills, along with physical fitness and all necessary qualifications or training for undertaking different activities including risk management.

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Hope you found this blog on career in Adventure interesting and informative. Want to choose any of the above fields as a career option? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu for the best guidance in choosing the perfect course and university that will take you closer to your dream. Sign up for a free 30 minute counselling session with us today!

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