20 Life-Changing Experiences to Add to Your Career Bucket List!

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Career Bucket List

Hiring Someone to Work for You

While you may be working for someone else your whole life, you must also experience the opportunity of hiring someone else to work for you. This is another learning opportunity to add to your career bucket list since you will not only get the assistance but also the chance to mentor and train an individual professional which is a privilege not many get to enjoy!

Demand a Pay Raise

In the professional arena, most of us feel scared to demand a pay raise when we really deserve one and having been working hard towards it. Adding this experience to your career bucket list, you will get to challenge yourself to become a bolder and outspoken professional in your field by convincing your manager to give you the raise and you should only go for it when the right time comes. Timing plays an indispensable role in such situations and once you have been working for a long time at a certain organisation and feel like you have been accomplishing all the set goals and objectives, buckle up and politely request your manager for a pay raise!

Speak at an Event

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Public speaking might seem to be scary but imagine walking to the stage and delivering a motivational speech that leaves everyone thrilled and inspired! Everyone will have their complete attention on you and are there because they believe in you. This is a rockstar experience to add to your career bucket list and is a perfect one for those who have always had stage fright as taking up this experience will surely help you combat your inner demons and use it as an opportunity for immense growth!

Conversion of Side-hustle into Full-Time

Many of us strive to do something of our own in life but stop because of financial difficulties. The best way to solve this is by starting a side hustle i.e. working on your own business side by side while working in your full-time job. So, you must put this one into your career bucket list too! Even the thought of converting a side hustle into a full-time career gives goosebumps, so imagine how good it must feel when you actually do it.

Work in Diverse Fields

Experimenting with different career profiles and job roles can be another rewarding experience to add to your career bucket list. Just imagine how many opportunities you would have with diverse professional experiences and many career options in your lap! But, to start with this one, you must master your transferable skills first and also opt for a constant learning attitude no matter how many times you fail or get fired, take up short-term courses and master as many skills as possible!

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