20 Life-Changing Experiences to Add to Your Career Bucket List!

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Career Bucket List

Write a Book

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Most of us have dreamed of penning a book, either telling our own story or taking the wings of our imagination and weaving something magical! So, another idea to add to your bucket list is that of writing a book, whether it is an academic one from your expertise or a fictional or non-fictional work you can pen down reflecting on your creativity and personal experiences and sharing your own life lessons to others!

Work Under an Inspiring Boss

Working under an inspirational individual who you truly look up to is also a life-changing experience to add to your career bucket list. Not only will you get to learn immensely, but you will end up seeing your own hero in their different guises! For this, you’ll have to first find people that inspire you and then look for ways you can work for them either with their organisation or through personal acquaintances and you’ll surely get a bucket full of life lessons and knowledge to live by. 

Maintain Work-Life Balance

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When we enter the professional sphere, we often want to give it our all and underestimate the importance of work-life balance. It takes persistence, perseverance, good managerial skills and organisational abilities to finally master the work-life balance and you might also have to let go of many beliefs to truly understand its significance! So, whether you are just starting out as a graduate or are already an experienced professional, add this item to your career bucket list and challenge yourself to bring a harmonious balance between your personal life and work-life! 

Support a Good Cause

At a certain stage of your life when you are earning a little more than enough, it is the best time to support a cause that’s close to your heart. It’s your time to give back to society and finally be a part of the solution, be it through donations or volunteering. A must-add item to every career bucket list, associating yourself with a good cause will help you contribute to the betterment of the society while also bringing you immense peace and happiness.

Lead a New Project

Taking the initiative to lead can be slightly unnerving but you can’t underestimate the amazing lessons it beholds. While achieving the targets set by your team leader is good, you must also strive to take up leadership opportunities whenever you get the chance. This item in your career bucket list will help you grow professionally and personally and add to your confidence and leadership skills! 

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