Canada’s visa procedure is slower than other study destinations, say recruiters

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Canada's visa procedure is slower than other study destinations, say recruiters

The goal of students who applied to study in Canada is to leave before the start of their classes. But now, according to professionals in the study abroad industry, they are more likely to experience visa delays than their peers who picked different study locations.

While the majority of the world’s main study nations are experiencing delays in the issuance of visas, agents and experts in student recruiting have noted that Canada is falling behind its competitors. The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States are among the top countries for study abroad. According to Jonathan Omagbon, director of AECC Global for Philippines & Vietnam, “visa delays we are seeing in Canada are by far the most serious right now. It is not uncommon for students to wait four or more months for a Canadian student visa to be approved,” he told The PIE. He also said that the worst visa delay has been the five-plus months, a stressful experience for the students.

Numerous excellent students have left the country as a result of the delay. Additionally, some students must postpone their start dates. According to IDP Connect’s head of external relations, Jonah Duffin, many of the top destination nations have experienced delays in the issuance of visas “driven by the industry bounce back from the pandemic”.

He also stated that despite encountering delays, the majority of large nations have been able to process visas in time for students to start their studies on schedule. Although delays in Canada are now affecting students’ start dates, we continue to provide helpful support to students and make sure they can begin studying as soon as possible thanks to IDP teams situated in both source and destination countries.

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