A call that changed the world for me!

“What if I don’t want to be an engineer? What if I neither want to be a doctor? Can I become an entrepreneur after science stream?”

I kept staring at the roof while my mind wandered a thousand places with similar questions. I had taken up science stream in school the previous day, but I have been in second thoughts about my decision since then. All my family members possess a science background but that’s just not me. I want to have a broad horizon and explore options beyond science.

Meanwhile, my mobile phone starts ringing, it is an unknown number. I answer it.

Caller: Hello, am I speaking with Rohan?

Rohan: Yes that’s me.

Caller: Hi Rohan. My server tells me you’re 16 years old, so I am sure it must be your time to choose a career stream. If this is a right time for you, can we talk about that?

Rohan: Sure, that is exactly the dilemma I am going through right now.

Caller: So tell me, what is your stance about it right now?

Rohan: I have taken up science stream in school because it leads my career trajectory to options like medical and engineering. I do enjoy studying science, but I also have an inclination towards entrepreneurship and commerce. I even enjoy studying politics.

Caller: With that I gather, you are a person of mixed interests, which is not unusual for someone your age. Therefore, you do not need to restrict yourself to one particular area. There are options which can combine fields like economics and agriculture; politics and psychology; and even engineering and entrepreneurship.

Rohan: I never thought my options could be clubbed this way.

Caller: That’s the thing about career mentorship. It helps you choose a field in tune with your expectations in long run. Above that, it helps you to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you can reach potentially. Moreover, it will help you understand the realities of your desired career.

Rohan: I have been to career counselors before. All they do is repeat what I can easily find with a click on Google.

Caller: That’s why we are different, Rohan. We are not career counselors, we believe in mentorship.

Rohan: What’s the difference? Isn’t mentorship just a fancier word?

Caller: Not at all. Mentorship is an ongoing relationship that lasts for a long period of time. Mentors are wise and reliable guides. Mentee gets guidance as and when he needs support or advice on an issue. Mentors are people who are matched after looking at the requirements and personality of mentee unlike the same counselor face for all students. Mentors have a similar career trajectory as one desires to achieve! They leverage the natural talents and knacks of superheroes like you and help you bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be!

Rohan: This does sound more interesting and different, I must say. You didn’t tell me who you are and where I can find you.

Caller: Oh I must have forgotten. We are Leverage Edu. You can find us very near you.

– Team Leverage 

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