10 Books to Read Before Going to Study Abroad

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Planning to study abroad whether for your master’s or bachelor’s degree or even for a semester is a life-changing experience. You get to experience different cultures, and cuisines, build a global network and learn how to live by yourself. Each day is a ride of different emotions. Some students go through the rush of homesickness, culture shock and more. Books help students in building good vocabulary, improving reading and writing skills also improving their focus and concentration.  To prepare for your rollercoaster journey, here are the 10 best books to read before studying abroad. 

Book Name  Author Year of Publication
Losing North  Nancy Huston 1999
The Alchemist Paulo Coelho 1988
The Psychology of Money Morgan Housel 2020
The Animal Farm George Orwell 1945
Karamyogi- Biography of E.Sreedharan M.S. Ashokan 2015
Atomic Habits James Clear 2018
Team Quotient Douglas Gerber 2018
The Art of War- Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary 1988
The Everyday Hero Manifesto Robin Sharma 2021
Life’s Amazing Secrets Gaur Gopal Das 2018

10 Best Books to Read Before Studying Abroad

Here are 10 books that will be your mentor and guide when you go to study abroad.

Losing North – Nancy Huston

Losing North by Nancy Houston
Source: Amazon
Author Nancy Huston
Year 1999
Publication McArthur & Co.

Losing North is a collection of essays crafted by the Author Nancy Huston with the tagline “musing on land, tongue, and self.’’ Losing North is the author Nancy Huston’s own reflections on her vanishing Canadian identity and her emerging one as a citizen of the world. In the personal essay, the author openly discusses her conflicted relationships with both her mother tongue, English and her adopted language, French. Losing North is a good pick for students it will help in enriching their vocabulary. Students who are planning to study abroad will get ample knowledge regarding the situation good or bad one faces when they move to different countries and meet different cultures and people. This is among the top books to read before studying abroad.

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The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho (1988)

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Source: Goodreads
Author Paulo Coelho
Year 1988
Publication Harper Collins

The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho is mainly the story of a shepherd boy named Santiago from Andalusia province in Spain. In the pursuit to find a treasure to fulfil his dreams, Santiago starts a journey from his hometown to the exotic markets of North Africa and into the Egyptian desert. This book shares the rollercoaster ride during the treasure hunt journey of this boy. After all the adventure he finally finds the treasure at the palace from he started this journey. Basically, with the help of this story, Author Paulo Coelho sends the message to all the readers that we are always on a chase to find the thing outside we don’t care about what is inside all of us first. This is a very interesting read for all especially those dreams who are going to start their study abroad journey to fulfil their life dreams. Celebrity Author Paulo Coelho was born in Brazil. He has won numerous prestigious awards.

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The Psychology of Money- Morgan Housel (2020)

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel
Source: Amazon
Author Morgan Housel
Year 2020
Publication Jaico Publishing House

Studying abroad demands a huge investment from the students whether be it tuition fees or other living expenses, it costs around millions of bucks. The Psychology of Money is a must-read for those who are planning to start foreign education journey to gain some financial wisdom. This book is written by Morgan Housel who is a two-time winner of the Best in Business Award for the Society of American Business Editors. This book basically talks about How to manage, invest and spend money wisely based on logical decisions not on emotions. In this book, the author shared timeless lessons on wealth, greed and happiness with the help of nineteen stories. The main objective of this book is to improve the financial literacy of the readers. This is among the top books to read before studying abroad.

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 Animal Farm – George Orwell (1945)

Animal Farm by George Orwell
Source: Wikipedia
Author George Orwell
Year 1945
Publication Penguin India

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a metaphorical fictional story. Animal Farm depicts an interesting story of animals living on a farm and their owner Mr Jones. George Orwell shared through his writing how all animals initiate revolt against their master for not taking good care of them. Basically with the use of these fictional characters author tried to share the situation pre to the Russian revolution in 1917. The story of this book gives the message that in spite of differences between the same group or different groups there are still chances that all can happily live together without conflicts. This is among the top books to read before studying abroad.

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Karmayogi – A Biography of E. Sreedharan

Karmayogi by MS Ashokan
Source: Amazon
Author M.S. Ashokan
Year 2015
Publication Penguin India

Karamyogi is a biography of E. Sreedharan written by M.S. Ashokan an author and senior journalist. E.Shreedharan is a trailblazer who become an icon of every Indian because of his uncompromising commitment and work ethic. He is well known for his efficiency and discipline and idealises his productivity and working standards. His post-retirement contribution to finishing the Delhi Metro Project within budget and on time in spite of severe constraints is a lesson, especially for the Indian youth and future business leaders. This book can be used as Bible for the business leaders who too wanted to scale up their work and make the nation proud like Mr E. Shreedharan.

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Atomic Habits- James Clear

Atomic Habits by James Clear
Source: Amazon
Author James Clear
Year 2018
Publication Penguin UK

Habits act like a catalyst in our life. Good Habits help us to lead a good life while bad baits always land us in trouble. We all have become slaves to our non-productive habits because we think that it’s impossible to change them. Author James Clear in his book Atomic Habits tried to break down this myth and shared a revolutionary system of the compound effect of small consistent efforts. Thes small or tiny changes possess transformative virtues. Reading Atomic Habits book help to make them understand the importance of little change in both professional, as well as personal life, which led to growing them for future opportunities and responsibilities.

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Team Quotient- Douglas Gerber

Team Quotient by Douglas Gerber
Source: Amazon
Author Douglas Gerber
Year 2018
Publication Jaico Publication

Team Quotient written by Douglas Gerber is an operating or guiding manual for the leaders to help them in building high-performance teams. Douglas Gerber is the founder and CEO of Focus One a high-performance consulting firm. He innovated a new concept named Team Quotient (TQ). This concept is based on ten years of working experience with hundreds of fortune 500 companies. It is an amalgamation of over fifty real-life lessons from leaders in the areas of business and sports. Team Quotient reading is a must for all study abroad students. It will surely help them become an important and super productive team player everywhere in the world with any team.

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Art of War- Sun Tzu

The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Source: Amazon
Author Thomas Cleary
Year 1988
Publication Jaico Publication

Sun Tzu’s  The Art of War is a one-point solution for strategic management and leadership lesson. This masterpiece contains treatises on management, military strategy, and statecraft principles. It is written by Thomas Cleary who was an American translator and writer. Sun Tzu’s Art of War discusses about Strategic Assessments, Planning, Adaptation, Defence and Attack techniques. According to USA Today, The Art of War teaches about statecraft so well that it could join the renowned ancient text The Prince by Machiavelli. It is the most influential book of strategy in the world which is studied by modern politicians, military heads and business leaders.  

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The Everyday Hero Manifesto- Robin Sharma

The Everyday Hero by Robin Sharma
Source: Amazon
Author Robin Sharma
Year 2021
Publication Jaico Publication

Robin Sharma is a renowned globally respected author, corporate trainer and humanitarian. The Everyday Hero Manifesto is a collection of best management principles, protocols and tactics from his almost twenty-five years of professional learning and experiences gained while working with diverse personalities from the business, sports, media, entertainment, government and private sectors. This book is considered by readers a manual of supreme productivity, elite performance, sustained happiness and unusual service to society. The author has used learning models, implementation templates and tactical worksheets to explain the content in a very simple and interesting way. This book talks about 360-degree development with the tagline Activate your Positivity Maximize Your Productivity Serve the World. 

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Life’s Amazing Secrets- Gaur Gopal Das

Life's Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das
Author Gaur Gopal Das
Year 2018
Publication Penguin India

Life Amazing Secrets is the last but equally most important of this best ten book series. This book is written by one of the most loved and widely followed monks of recent time Gaur Gopal Das Ji. He separated the content into four different sections discussing Personal Life, Relationships, Work-Life, and Social Contributions. The author has shared his precious insight on relationships building,  finding his own true potential, balanced approach towards all and finally serving back to the society based on one capacity. Reading this masterpiece will help the readers to become emotionally intelligent, listening own inner voice and develop empathy. 

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We strongly hope you find the much-needed motivation in these books. If you are a student who needs the inspiration a push towards your dream career, then a team of experts at Leverage Edu is waiting for your call. Register for a counselling session with us and make your dream career a reality. Call us at 1800 57 2000 to book your free 30-minutes counselling session today!

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