Books For AIBE Exam

Books for ABIE Exam

When it comes to AIBE preparation, books are one of the greatest options. The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) is no longer an open-book test in 2021, so this means, unlike in past years, applicants will not be permitted to bring any books into the test hall this year. Therefore, Referring to the correct AIBE books is even more vital. AIBE books are important for test preparation since they help you intellectually and logically comprehend each item on the curriculum. However, with so many selections on the market, selecting the correct mix of books for AIBE preparation might be tough. In this blog, we suggest some of the best books for the AIBE Exam.

AIBE Exam 2021: Quick Highlights

Particular Dates
Examination Name All India Bar Examination
Competent body The Bar Council of India
Mode of Exam Offline
Option of Languages Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Assamese, Marathi, Oriya, Gujarati, English, Punjabi)
Type of Question Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Total Questions 100 Questions
Type of exam Certification exam. Qualified candidates will be issued a Certificate of Practice (COP) thereby enabling them to practice in a court of law

Best Books for AIBE Exam 2021

Candidates must seek help from the top Books For AIBE Exam in order to prepare for the AIBE 2021 entrance test. Candidates who have the correct collection of books for guidance can easily achieve the needed marks to gain admission to their selected degree and AIBE 2021 participating college.

How to Select Best Books for AIBE Exam

  • While seeking the finest books for AIBE Exam, candidates should keep the following points in mind:
  • Candidates should purchase books that contain detailed information in an easy-to-understand language for proper training.
  • Books with the most recent release year noted on them are required if candidates want to do well in the entrance exams.
  • If the applicants come across books by well-known writers or publishing houses, they must immediately take them.
  • Before purchasing books, aspirants must ensure that the book has a suitable amount of AIBE previous year papers and practice test papers.

Best Books for AIBE Exam Preparation

Here is a list of highly recommended books which the candidates may refer to while preparing for the AIBE Exam:

Name of Book Author/Publisher Name
Human Rights H.O Aggarwal
Patents Act-1970 Taxman
Fundamental Rights Uday Raj Rai
Public International Law V.K Ahuja
Intellectual Property Laws Private Publication
Guide to All India Bar Examination Dr. P.K Pandey
Law Exam Times (Vol.16) Dr. P.K Pandey
Practice Test Papers for All India Bar Examination Showick Thorpe
Central Law Agency All India Bar Examination (AIBE) Guide Dr S.M Rajan & P.K Jain

AIBE Syllabus 2021

The AIBE exam will consist of 100 objective-type questions for 100 points each. The test will include questions from the following 19 subjects/topics:

AIBE Subjects No. of Questions
Constitutional Law 10 Questions
Criminal Procedure Code 10 Questions
Code of Civil Procedure 10 Questions
Indian Penal Code 8 Questions
Evidence Act 8 Questions
Family Law 8 Questions
Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act 8 Questions
Law of Tort including Motor Vehicles Act and Consumer Protection Law 5 Questions
Alternate Dispute Redressal Including Arbitration Act 4 Questions
Public Interest Litigation 4 Questions
Professional Ethics and Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI Rules 4 Questions
Labour and Industrial Laws 4 Questions
Law-Related Taxation  4 Questions
Administrative Law 3 Questions
Company Law 2 Questions
Environmental Law 2 Questions
Cyber Law 2 Questions
Land Acquisition Act 2 Questions
Intellectual Property Law 2 Questions
Total 100 Questions

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Q. What is AIBE?

Ans. The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) is held to evaluate an advocate’s eligibility to practice law in India.

Q. Is there an age limit for taking the AIBE Exam?

Ans. There are no age restrictions for taking the test.

Q. Is there any negative marking in the AIBE exam?

Ans. No, no marks will be deducted for any incorrect answer.

Q. How many seats are available for the LLB and BA LLB programs?

Ans. There are no seats available because AIBE is not an admission exam. It is a certification examination.

Q.Will the test be done on paper or on a computer?

Ans. The AIBE 2021 will be administered solely in an offline (pen-and-paper) format by the BCI. It will be an open-book test. The examination would be held in 40 cities throughout the country.

Hope the information provided to you on The Best Books for AIBE Exam was helpful to you. The best books for the AIBE Exam are those that will play a significant role in the candidate’s life as they seek excellence in the admission examination. All the best for your exam! For more educational information and amazing quizzes, stay connected with Leverage Edu. 

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