Biology Questions

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Biology Questions

Be it ICSE or CBSE, Biology is considered as one of the most difficult subjects to study. From Genetics and Evolution to Plant Physiology and Cell Structure, the course curriculum is very diverse and comprehensive. The importance of the subject for those who wish to pursue Medical Science courses is thus more. So, if you are looking for some of the most important biology questions based on the CBSE Biology syllabus for class 12 then, here is a blog that will shed light on such questions, chapter-wise!

Common Questions from Chapters 1-4 

Covering various aspects of Reproduction in Organism, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Human Reproduction, and Reproductive Health, these chapters have a lot in common. To make it easier, we have clubbed the biology questions from these modules and have listed them below: 

  • Why are the offsprings produced by asexual reproduction are referred to as ‘clones’?
  • Is vegetative propagation taken to be a type of asexual reproduction? Give reasons
  • Mention the post-fertilization changes which occur in plants?
  • State the component cells of the egg apparatus present in an embryo sac?
  • What do you mean bb Pollination? Mention the agents of pollination.
  • Mention the characteristics of wind, water, and insect-pollinated flowers?
  • State the events which occur after the process of fertilization in plants.
  • Write down the importance of the cervix in the female reproductive system.
  • What do you mean by foetal ejection reflex? How does it cause parturition?
  • What is the difference between the meiotic division of oogenesis and spermatogenesis? Write in detail.
  • What is reproductive health?
  • State the factors considered responsible for the population explosion in India?
  • Elaborate any three assisted reproductive techniques used to treat infertility

Biology Questions from Chapter 5-7

The modules 5-7 shed light on the principles of Inheritance and Variation, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, and Evolution. A stronghold on these concepts can help you pursue courses like BSc Genetics after 12th. Glance through the following Important biology questions: 

  • State the criteria for selecting organisms to perform crosses to study the inheritance of a few traits?
  • What is artificial selection? Does it have any effect on the process of natural selection?
  • State the characteristics of the chromosome theory of Inheritance.
  • What do you mean by DNA polymorphism?
  • List and state the functions of the enzymes involved in DNA replication.
  • What do you mean by an operon? Explain an inducible operon.
  • State the characteristics of fossils.
  • “Migration may increase or decrease the effects of selection”. Comment.
  • Mention the types of evolution?

Biology Questions based on Chapter 8-10

Human Health and Diseases, Food Production, and Microbes in Human Welfare is another important part of the Biology course curriculum. Covering an array of topics like Diseases, Animal Husbandry, Biofertilizers, etc, practicing biology questions from these chapters on a regular basis becomes important. Enlisted are some of the questions you can expect from these modules: 

  • Define pathology?
  • Indicate the difference between active immunity and passive immunity?
  • How are asthma attacks triggered? Elucidate the factors responsible for the same
  • Define hidden hunger?
  • What do you understand by the blue revolution?
  • Describe the process of somatic hybridization.
  • Explain the significance of antibiotics in medicine?
  • Name the chemical nature of biogas. Also, list one organism which produces biogas.
  • Is there any way microbes can be used to decrease the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides? How?

Biology Questions: Chapter 11-13

Given below are some of the key biology questions asked from chapters that cover topics like Biotechnology, its principles, processes and applications, Organisms and Populations, etc. 

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  • Describe the Principles of Biotechnology?
  • Explain gene cloning?
  • Define a polymerase chain reaction and mention the steps involved as well as its applications.
  • What do you understand by ELISA? 
  • How can gene expression be controlled with the help of RNA?
  • What are the advantages of recombinant insulin?
  • What do you mean by commensalism?
  • Define a tree line.
  • Name and explain the various characteristics of an individual and population

Questions based on Chapter 14-16

Concepts, principles, and topics based on Ecosystem, Biodiversity and Conservation, and Environmental Issues are elucidated in these chapters. To get an overview of the biology questions asked from these chapters, glance through the following list: 

  • What does the base tier of the ecological pyramid indicate?
  • Is an aquarium labelled as a complete ecosystem?
  • Define how energy flow supports the second law of thermodynamics in an ecosystem.
  • What does ‘Red’ represent in the IUCN Red List(2004)?
  • What is the method used by scientists to estimate the total number of species on earth?
  • Write notes on the ‘rivet popper hypothesis’ by Paul Ehrlich.
  • What do you understand by cultural eutrophication?
  • Describe Snow-blindness?
  • Write notes on electronic wastes. List down the various sources of e-wastes and issues associated with their disposal

Now that you are familiar with the types of biology questions asked in class 12th, here are the previous year question papers which you can solve! 

Paper Download
CBSE Class 12 Biology 2018 Question Paper Click Here
CBSE Class 12 Biology 2017 Question Paper Click Here

Biology questions can give you serious headaches. However, with a well-curated plan and proper guidance, you can give your best attempt in the exam! Needless to say, with so many courses available, choosing a career path can get confusing. Let the counsellors at Leverage Edu help you select the most suitable career path after gauging through your interest and skills through a psychometric test! Click Here for a 30 minutes free counselling session and give wings to your dreams! 

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