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With a fun and lively student atmosphere, Coventry is a small city in the United Kingdom. There are two major universities in the Conventry that represent the higher education strata of the city. Across 140 study programs are offered and a range of international students are admitted to universities and live in the city. What does the student accommodation look like in Coventry? In this blog, we dig deep into the topic and share the 10 best student accommodations in Coventry in the UK.  First, let’s look at the type of student accommodation available in the UK. 

Types of Student Accommodation

The following are the major types of accommodation that are available for students who take admitted to a UK university. 

  1. Private Rented Accommodation

Landlords usually manage this type of accommodation. This is just like properties in the privately rented sector. Here, students share either flats or the entire house. Based on the area of the accommodation, varies whether the population of students is concentrated or not. 

  1. University-Managed Houses 

As the name suggests, University managed houses usually come under the jurisdiction of the university. These houses can look similar to regular rented flats or houses, but via the association of the university, provides standardised facilities. Moreover, they can be easily applied for through the university website. 

  1. University Halls of Residence

Now, these type of student halls usually comes under university accommodation itself. Located on campus, they include several amenities, and also is inclusive of most of the utility bills.

  1. Private accommodation

Private Halls are similar to university halls of residence. Just that the former is managed privately, by independent contractors, who are not associated with the university. Their purpose is to provide accommodation to students, though this option is the most expensive one.

  1. Family Stays

Local families also open their doors to international students who come a long way to study in their city. Usually, for smaller cities, house stays are not longer than a period of one year.  

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Prevalence of Student Accommodation in Coventry 

With two major universities in the city, there are more options for private residences in the city. We highlight below the major options for student accommodation in Coventry, along with their average price.

Available Accommodation Average Price (in Euros) Average Price (in INR)
Private Room  €768 62K
Residence €803 65K
Studio €1,050 85K
3 bedroom apartment  €2,499 2 lakh

10 Best Student Accommodation in Coventry

Moving forward, student accommodation in Coventry, like in any city, can be distinguished into regional accommodation and university accommodation. Let’s see how the options vary.


Below are some examples of your options, off-campus.

Private Rooms

From lowest to highest, these are the prices of the various private rooms in Coventry.

Location Price per month Price per month (in INR)
Greyfriars House, 10 Greyfriars Ln €365 30K
27 Butts, Coventry €390 32K
Apollo House Coventry €390 32K
Broad Lane House €420 34K
Paradise Student Village, Paradise Street €420 34K
Queens Park House, Queens Road €444 36K
15–23 Paradise Street €454 37K
Sky Blue Point Coventry €469 38K
Fortress House Coventry €469 38K
Corporation Street €469 38K

Residence Rooms

From lowest to highest, these are the prices of the various residence rooms in Coventry.

Location Price per month Price per month (in INR)
1 Broad Lane €439 35K
155 Far Gosford Street €459 37K
Queen’s Road €459 37K
15 – 23 Paradise Street €469 38K
48 Corporation Street €469 38K
7 Raglan Street €469 38K
155 Far Gosford Street €489 40K
7 Manor Road €642 52K
10-12 Market Way €666 54K
Stoney Stanton Road €666 54K


From lowest to highest, these are the prices of the various studio rooms in Coventry.

Location Price per month Price per month (in INR)
1, Far Gosford Street €790 64k
Albany House, 19 Albany Rd €864 70k
55 Gulson Rd €889 72k
St Columbas Close €948 77k
25 Warwick Rd €988 80k
9 Bishop Street Coventry €1121 91k
33 Parkside €1160 94k
The Oaks €1180 96k
33 Parkside €1195 97k
De Montfort Way, Coventry €1352 1 lakh

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As mentioned before, there are two major universities in Coventry – Coventry University and the University of Warwick. Let’s check their student accommodation below.

Coventry University

The average cost of accommodation in this university is £400- £600/month (INR 37K – 55K) (inclusive of all bills). 

Accommodation Price Starting From  Price Starting From (in INR)
Bishop Gate £140 p/week 13k p/week
The Cycle Works £155 p/week 14k p/week
Singer Hall £99 p/week 9k p/week
Godiva Place £140 p/week 13k p/week
Parish Rooms £115 p/week 10k p/week

University of Warwick

Some examples of university halls of residence are shared as examples below.

Accommodation Price  Price (in INR)
Arthur Vick £207 per week 19k p/week
Bluebell £218 p/w 20k p/week
Claycroft £151 p/w 14k p/week
Crisfield Standard £109 p/w 10k p/week
Heronbank £168 p/w 15k p/week

Average Cost of Student Accommodation in Coventry 

The average cost of student accommodation in Coventry is stated below.

Average Cost  £320- £530 (INR 29k – INR 50k)/month 

How to Find your Accommodation in Coventry

You can find accommodation in Coventry in the following ways.

  1. Websites

Refer to various online resources that hold information on student accommodation areas in the city of Coventry.

  1. University Email

Your chosen university shall send you details of the on-campus accommodation once you subscribe to their notifications.

  1. Word of Mouth 

People share information. Word of mouth is the most effective way to get information on accommodation. So refer to people and ask about your connections.

  1. Accommodation Sites

Several accommodation sites feature private rooms from studios to apartments on their site, filtering them based on budget and area. You can surely research and take the help of those sites in your search for student accommodation in Coventry.

Best Places to Live in Coventry 

Coming to an end, we share the best places to live and share accommodation in Coventry. 

  1. Stratford-upon-Avon

The birthplace of William Shakespeare, this town is a very lively area in the city of Coventry. Some examples of student accommodation in this area include student housing that offers studios and suites. Located 91 miles northwest of London, this town is famous for its tourist attractions.

  1. Warwick

Again, associated with the writings of the English legend William Shakespeare, Warwick is also home to various student accommodations. Some examples include The Oaks, which provides suits and studios to students with ample facilities. 


How much does student accommodation cost in Coventry?

The average cost of student accommodation is £320- £530/month in Coventry.

Is Coventry a good place to live for students?

Yes, Coventry has been ranked 5th in the UK as the best city for students.

Is Coventry expensive for students?

The UK is generally expensive to live in. And Coventry is a part of the UK. It’s important to budget your accommodation. It’s important to note that you have enough funds to cover your living expenses in Coventry.

This was all about Best Student Accommodation in Coventry. If you want to get into a high-ranked university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need a flawless application. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realise your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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