Best Colleges in Toronto

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Best Colleges in Toronto

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for studying abroad and Toronto is the top student-friendly city in Canada. There are several top-ranked universities in Toronto providing various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. One of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world, Toronto is filled with great career opportunities for international students. If you’re looking for suitable colleges in Toronto to pursue higher education, here is an article to walk you through all the information about studying there as well as the best colleges in Toronto.

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Why Study in Toronto?

  • Excellent Education

Colleges and universities in Toronto are globally recognised and offer quality education in various disciplines. Graduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by Toronto universities and colleges are accepted worldwide.

  • Affordable Education

For international students, studying in a foreign country comes with great financial constraints but most Toronto colleges offer programs at affordable rates. Toronto provides economical education costs compared to the US, UK, and several other countries. 

  • English Based Education

Most colleges in Toronto provide an excellent education in various disciplines. One of the chiefly interesting features of studying in Toronto is the medium of education is English. English is the national language of Canada along with French. 

  • Safe for International Students

Safety is one of the prime factors for international students. Toronto is regarded as one of the safest cities across the globe with low crime rates.

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Best Colleges in Toronto

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is located in Toronto, Ontario. It is a public research university offering a wide variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs in several disciplines. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Canada equipped with modern technologies and advanced infrastructure. The university has emerged as Canada’s leading research university and is among the world’s most prestigious universities. 

York University

One of the leading public research universities in Canada, York University is located in Toronto. York offers over 120 undergraduate degrees to international students from more than 150 countries. The university is known for the Film Department which is the leading and oldest film school in Canada. York is even credited to have started the first graphic design program in Canada. 

Fun Fact: Lily Singh aka Superwoman is an alumnus of YU!

Ryerson University

Located in the Garden District of Toronto, Ryerson University is a public research university that offers one of the best business and management courses in Toronto. The acceptance rate of Ryerson University is 80% which says that it is an easy university to get into. However, the MBA program is sought-after and has an acceptance rate of only 25%. Ryerson University is also famous for transportation engineering, architecture and computer science courses.

Centennial University

The Centennial College is a government-funded college and is one of the oldest colleges in Canada. It is one of the best colleges in Toronto providing quality education in varied disciplines. The college offers undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and certificate diploma courses in numerous specializations such as business, communication, engineering, finance, etc. 

Seneca College of Applied Science and Technology

Seneca College of Applied Science and Technology is amongst the best colleges in Toronto. It is a public college located in Greater Toronto and offers various full-time and part-time undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral degree programs. It also provides diploma and certificate courses at the graduation level. Seneca College of Applied Science and Technology is globally recognised for its career-oriented courses and brilliant faculty.

George Brown University

The George Brown College in Toronto offers a world-class education in assorted disciplines. George Brown College is an affiliated college with the University of Toronto partnership. The college provides specialisation in various subjects such as business administration, accounting, finance, arts and design, engineering technologies, hospitality, healthcare, health sciences and management.

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Entry Requirements for Best Colleges in Toronto

There are some general entry requirements provided by Toronto colleges and universities for international students seeking admission. Below are the general entry requirements that need to be fulfilled for applying to the best colleges in Toronto:

Entry Criteria  Minimum Requirements
Academic Minimum 60-70% in your 12th grade
English Test  IELTS– 6.5-7.0
TOEFL– 90+
Entrance Test  GMAT, GRE (depending upon course)
Documents  All academic transcripts
Statement of Purpose 
Letter of Recommendation

Application Process for Best Colleges in Toronto

The application process for colleges in Toronto is similar to other universities in Canada. Here’s the step-by-step guide for you in case you wish to apply to the colleges in Canada-

  • Choose the university and course that you wish to apply to. You can use the AI Course Finder to find the perfect course for you!
  • Note down all the eligibility requirements and application deadlines to check whether you are eligible or not. 
  • Give your english tests and entrance tests at least a month before your application deadline. 
  • Attach all the important documents required to study in Canada to your application form. Afterwards, once you checked all the details, submit the application before the deadline. 
  • The colleges in Toronto may take a few weeks before they reach out to you with results. 
  • You will be mailed an offer letter- unconditional or conditional, if you get accepted. 

You can start looking for scholarships, accommodations and start the Canada study permit process.

Cost of Living in Toronto

Toronto offers the benefits of the Canada Education System but is also one of the most expensive cities in Canada. The cost of living in Toronto is- 

Type of Expense  Average Cost (INR)
Accommodation 29,434-2.35 lakhs(Depends upon your choice of accommodation)
Food 2,354-5,880 per week 
Transport  2,575 per week (weekly pass for public transport)
Health Insurance 35,320-47,095 per year
Electricity  2,940 per month
Internet  4,415 per month
Mobile Bills 2,345-5,886 per month
Clothes and shoes  1,470 per month
Entertainment and leisure  8,830 per month
Books and supplies  29,430 per semester 

However, the costs given above are based on general choices. To get a more personalised cost of living in Toronto, use Leverage Edu’s cost of living calculator.

Leverage Edu understands that assimilating details while planning to study abroad can be complex. Our experts can assist you through the process of deciding the right college as well as getting shortlisted for your dream course.

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