Here Are 10 Best Apps to Learn Japanese!

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Best Apps to Learn Japanese

Learning a foreign language in today’s times is easier than ever. Owing to its increasing demand, various foreign language institutes are being set up on a large scale. If you are someone with a busy schedule but would like to learn a new language, say Japanese, then we have good news for you. There are several apps available that’ll help you skyrocket your Japanese ability and give you a head start on having great fluency. Over the years there has been a growing popularity for Japanese among non-native speakers because of popular culture, media, anime or even a general fascination towards the culture. In this blog, we have curated some of the best apps to learn Japanese within the comfort of your home.

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Available: Playstore, App store, ios
Cost: Free/79.99 dollars (5804 INR per year) 

Download here!

LingoDeer promises to improve your Japanese speaking skills within 21 days. It comprises interactive animations and lesson plans that are designed by experienced Japanese teachers. It is a very user-friendly app, that uses a fun building block approach to learning.  The lessons are broken down into small chunks which teach vocabulary, writing and sentence structure through repetition and various types of questions. LingoDeer incorporates audio from native speakers. Additionally, there are other interesting features like slowing down the speakers’ pace, the ability to turn on furigana so you can study kanji, and learn the meaning and context of a particle with a simple tap. 

The app isn’t entirely free. One can learn all the basics, more than 1,000 essential Japanese phrases, and enjoy a deep dive into the first modules. Later on, you might have to pay a nominal fee to access the premium.


Available: Playstore, ios 
Cost: Free
Download here!

Anki allows you to import “decks” from popular textbooks and then convert them into flashcards. They place audio cues and fun interactive animation to help you understand the context. A flashcard will be presented and you will have to think of the correct answer. On clicking the flashcard, the right answer will be revealed.  There are several other useful features like an answer timer and the ability to flip the questions and answers. Anki can be used as an app, website or even a desktop version.

Before moving to the next best app to learn Japanese,
check out these common words in Japanese!


Available: Playstore
Cost: Free

Download here!

Obyenko focuses on the reading and writing of Japanese characters. The app contains quizzes with multiple-choice and writing tests using a touchscreen. You can access a list of vocabulary, classified by word type as in a dictionary, with verbs. The best feature is the handwriting recognizer. It corrects not only the form but also the stroke order. In case of a mistake in recognizing, you can quickly tell it so, and your score will be adjusted accordingly. This app is free and most suitable for intermediate and advanced learners.

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Available: Website, Playstore, ios
Cost: Free/ 10 dollars (725 Rs per month) 
Download here!

Another name in our list of best apps to learn Japanese is Mondly that presents the course in a video game format. It uses conversational methods where the user is thrown into a conversation and the user learns new words. This app also contains various features like audio pronunciations, speech recognition, quick sessions, and more. This app is rather expensive and contains monthly subscription costs. But if you are a serious learner and are interested in learning the language, well enough, then it is an app you must consider using.


Available: Playstore, ios
Cost: free/ 9 dollars (652 INR per month) 
Download here!

Memrise is primarily a vocabulary learning app and takes a visual approach to learn the language. It contains fun animations and is set up like a video game. Memrise contains a variety of exercises, games, lessons, and quizzes. This app makes use of repetition to perfect your memory of a word or phrase. It is then reinforced with frequent reminders of already-learned words. This app also features offline support, daily goals, a pronunciation guide, reading games, and a bot that teaches you proper grammar.  There are user-submitted visual and text mnemonic devices that make it easier to remember certain words. The user can customize how much they want to learn per day.

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Rosetta Stone

Availability: ios, Playstore
Cost: 94 dollars (6892 INR per year) 
Download here!

Rosetta Stone is bigger, one of the more sophisticated apps for language learning. It is also one of the most expensive. This app uses a proprietary learning method. At first, this app teaches basic words and phrases first and then expands from there. However, this app is rather expensive and requires a monthly subscription fee. The app is user friendly, focuses on stroke order and enables you to make customizable tests.


Availability: Playstore, ios
Cost: Free/ 7 dollars ( 507 INR per month)
Download here!

Tandem links the user with other language learners around the world. One learner can teach the other their language and they teach you theirs. This one also includes video, voice, and text chats along with audio and picture messages. It also supports over 150 languages as well as over 2,500 language combinations. Most features in this app are free however there is a premium available for a monthly subscription.

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Japanese ( by Renzo inc)

Available: Playstore
Cost: Free
Download here!

This app has one of the best designs. It has a beautiful, clear interface, and it understands how a user thinks. It features a search bar to immediately type in and handwriting, kanji component, and SKIP search option, all on the same page. It comprises an audio clip for all entries and has the most precise layout for examples. Additionally, this app also has a built-in study system. This app is free for users.

Learn Japanese Free ( wingsApp)

Available: Playstore 
Cost: Free
Download here!

Unlike other apps, this app does not have a pre-designed lesson plan. It allows the user to pick and choose what they want to learn every time they use it. The user gets to decide from a range of topics like greetings, travel, love, friendship, food etc. there are over 65 topics to choose from and over 5000+ phrases and words to learn. This app is helpful for both beginners and advanced learners alike.

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Availability: Playstore , ios
Cost: Free
Download here!

This app can be used by learners who have absolutely no prior knowledge and levels above the beginner levels are also available. The lessons are grouped into interesting categories, ranging from food and family to subculture. After completing a category, a par bar appears beneath it. It also allows you to review lessons. This app focuses on vocabulary, sentence structure and also provides exciting quizzes. This app is free and caters to users of all levels.

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Which is the best app for learning Japanese?

LingoDeer, Tandem, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and wingsApp are some of the most useful apps for learning Japanese language.

Is Duolingo a good app for learning Japanese?

Yes, Duolingo can be a helpful app for beginners to learn Japanese. It offers a gamified approach to language learning with exercises covering vocabulary, grammar, and basic conversations.

How long does it take to learn Japanese?

There is no specific time limit to learn any language as the output depends on your efforts. However, if you use Japanese learning apps along and read books for 20-30 minutes daily, you might learn the language within 5 to 6 months.

Hope you liked these best apps to learn Japanese! Let us know in the comment section below. These can be used alone or as a supplement with other resources. These apps are sure to give you a substantial learning experience with little or no fee, at the comfort of your home. We hope you find this blog helpful. Do let us know which app you found helpful in the comments below. For more such blogs follow us at Leverage Edu

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