Benefits of online learning for students and how to choose your course

Benefits of online learning for students and how to choose your course- Leverage Edu
Benefits of online learning for students and how to choose your course- Leverage Edu

We live in an era where building a strong CV is as important as applying for a b-school/job at first. People quite often hunt for activities which can boost the appeal of their CV. Be it associating with NGOs, interning with different organizations, or doing various online and offline courses.The internet is a daunting place. One can find an ocean of online courses right at the click of a button. Maybe this is the reason that choosing the right online courses which really add substance to your CV is where it gets tricky. But are the benefits of online learning for students equal to the offline ones? Is going for an online course recommended? Well, the answers to such questions are far more complex than it may seem to be.


Now, you know a little about the benefits of online learning for students. Furthermore, in this article, we have listed down ways by which you can assess an online degree’s value. Hence, make an informed decision.

It’s the most basic and important aspect to look for while shortlisting online courses. Generally, accreditation is given to best and most reliable educators. Consequently, most B-Schools and employers recognize online degrees awarded by accredited institutions only. So next time you search for an online course, make sure it is being offered by an accredited school. Otherwise, you will simply be wasting your time and money doing it. Don’t worry, it’s no rocket science to find one. Just go through the website of the school thoroughly and you’ll find every detail you need.


Before finally making up your mind to do that online course which you find quite fascinating due to the way it has been marketed, just pause and try to find the following details:

  • Duration- if the school promises to provide you with a degree fast and easy, something is not right. A credible school will always require you to complete substantial coursework before it finally awards you with a degree.
  • Financial Demands- most fraudulent schools request a large sum to be paid before enrolling in the program. They also offer various discount schemes if the student applies to multiple programs. This is where you need to get cautious. Accredited and credible schools will always charge the students on a semester basis and will ask for a flat fee in the rarest of cases.
  • The Name Game- if the name of the school reminds you of some prestigious and famous institution, probably there’s something fishy. A scam school would always want you to get trapped while you perceive it to be some other well-known institution.

One industry might be in favour of online courses while another might be resistant to them. In order to discover if such a bias exists, just research about the attitudes of employers and educators in that field. According to recent studies, there is still a substantial resistance against online courses today. But the good thing is that it is way less pronounced than it was a couple of years from now. With the adoption of online learning by some of the top schools like MIT and Harvard, the reputation of online degrees has improved drastically. An important fact to keep in mind is that most employers and schools tend to give preference to online degrees by those schools which have a physical presence, rather than the ones operating all online.

So the next time you’re looking for an online course, you will now the benefits of online learning for students and keeping these few things in mind may land you at the right place.

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