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BE Courses

Considered amongst the high salary courses after 12th Science, BE courses are prominent in the field of science and technology domain with various specializations in  Engineering branches. Furthermore, with the development of technology, a broad range of Engineering courses for future have also become popular choices among students. Numerous universities are now providing interdisciplinary BE programs. Choosing a specialisation to start your career in this field is important, but so is pursuing higher education from institutes that offer quality education, state of the art infrastructure, industrial training opportunities and diverse curriculum. Here is the blog that explains the popular  BE courses in detail and also sheds light on top universities.

About BE Course

The BE programme lasts four years. Engineering bachelor is the full version of BE. Due to the course’s relevance and diversity, the BE job scope is highly broad. The BE curriculum is structured to give students access to all the essential knowledge they require.

Who Should Pursue a BE Course?

No sector of the economy is untouched by the impact of IT and other types of engineering in today’s world when data is valued as gold and the range of computer applications is broad. One of the main economic drivers and a significant contributor to the GDP of the nation is the IT sector. Some of the competencies needed by BE grads include:

  • Exceptional Communication Skills
  • A strong management style
  • Working together, solving problems
  • Analysis Capabilities

Engineering is largely defined as the stream of education which involves the application of Science, Technology and Mathematics to innovate, design, develop and maintain structures, machines, tools software, hardware and systems and processes. The plethora is of courses available in the Engineering field some of which are highly demanding and require a high degree of dedication and hard work. Below are some of the popular BE courses for you to consider:

Petroleum Engineering Marine Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Industrial Engineering
Automobile Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Mechatronics Engineering
Biotechnology Engineering Metallurgical Engineering
Ceramic Engineering Mining Engineering
Chemical Engineering Aeronautical Engineering
Civil Engineering Communications Engineering
Power Engineering Production Engineering
Computer Science Engineering Robotics Engineering
Construction Engineering Structural Engineering
Electronics Engineering Telecommunication Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering Tool Engineering
Environmental Engineering Transportation Engineering
Electrical Engineering Textile Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Duration: 4 years 
Specialization: Electronics and Instrumentation, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanics of Solids, Machines and Mechanisms.

Automobile Engineering is among the choicest BE courses. It deals with design, manufacturing and development of Automobiles such as vehicles, cars, bikes, buses, etc. This course is in high demand as the population is exponentially increasing and it has been a challenge for many automobile companies to provide economic and low carbon emission vehicles. Automobile Engineering colleges across Germany, USA and Canada provide excellent exposure for this particular course!

Electrical Engineering

Duration: 4 years
Specialization: Basic System Analysis, Thermal & Hydraulic Machines, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Control Systems, Power System Analysis.

The branch of Engineering encompasses the study of the application of Electricity, Integrated Circuits, Electronics and concepts Electromagnetism. With Electrical Design as its subfield, it studies the design and working of electrical appliances. Most of the electronic devices like computer chips, electric motors and mechanical engines are the marvels of Electrical Engineering courses. The course is available in both at the bachelor’s as well as the master’s level.

Read our blog on Electrical Engineering Syllabus to find out what all is taught in these BE courses!

BE Courses- Chemical Engineering

Duration: 4 years 
Specialization: Fertilizer Technology, Food Technology, Drugs and Pharmaceutical Technology, Polymer and Plastics Technology.

An amalgamation of different subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences. Considered among the best Engineering courses, Chemical Engineering is the best fit for those who hold efficiency in subjects like Chemistry and Mathematics. Furthermore, this branch of Engineering deals with chemical measurements, compositions, chemical reactions and manufacturing of products that undergo through a chemical process which includes methods for refining raw materials to turn them into usable commodities. Chemical Engineers operate in different fields like pharmaceutical, petroleum, fertilizer and chemical industries.

After completing these BE courses you can take up one of the following Chemical Engineering Jobs!

Biochemical Engineering

Duration: 4 years 
Specialization: Combines the design and problem-solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and therapy.

Employing various technological advancements to biological substances and elements, the Biochemical Engineering is a  combination of the knowledge of Chemistry, Biology and Engineering to build commodities which are beneficial for the customers and pose no risk to the surrounding and environment. Biochemical Engineers study, research and develop products using raw materials and then using chemical processes they change their chemical properties to get the desired product.  Other activities involve producing cleaner fuels and efficient drugs and non-hazardous chemicals.  

You can pursue these BE courses at the top Chemical Engineering colleges!

BE Courses- Aeronautical Engineering

Duration: 4 years
Specialization: Aero Engineering Thermodynamics, Introduction to Aero Space Engineering, Satellites and Space System Design, Rockets and Missiles.

Considered as one of the benchmarks BE courses, Aeronautical Engineering deals with the design, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of aircraft.  Fusing the concepts of Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Thermodynamics. The course imparts the fundamentals of aircraft design and development turbo engines. Various top Aeronautical Engineering colleges in the world offer plethora of courses in the field with the aim to prepare students for the highly demanding job profiles in the aviation industry.   

To understand these BE courses better, read our blog on Aeronautical Engineering Subjects!

Top Universities for BE Courses

University QS World University Rankings 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) #1
Stanford University #2
Harvard University #3
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)  #4
University of Oxford #5
ETH Zurich #6
University of Cambridge #7
Imperial College London #8
University of Chicago #9
University College London #10


Which course in BE is best?

The following engineering specialties and programmes are the greatest for the future:
Engineering in Aerospace
Engineering in Chemical
Engineering in electrical and electronics
Engineering in petroleum
Engineering in Telecommunications
Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Engineering in robotics
Engineering in Biochemistry

Is BE & BTech same?

While BTech is an application-based degree, BE is a sort of engineering course that increases the theoretical grounding of engineering students. In contrast to BE degree programmes, where internships and industrial trips are recommended but not required, BTech degree programmes need both.

What is meant by BE course?

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) – The entire name of the four-year programme, which consists of eight semesters, is Bachelor of Engineering. A B.E. course primarily emphasises theory and the engineering side of science.

Hope this blog helped you to acquire all the necessary information related to BE courses. Want to study abroad and confused about how to proceed with the application? Get in touch with experts at Leverage Edu who will not only help you to find your dream university and also help you to make impressive SOP!

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