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BBA Colleges

When it comes to studying business, a majority of undergraduate Indian students go for a BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration. One of the most sought-after courses, not just in the country but the entire world, offering tons of career opportunities to the next generation leaders. This 3 or 4-year program at universities abroad aims to impart the theoretical and practical knowledge related to shape your zeal for running a future business success. The typical program comprises of major subjects like Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource and General Management, Finance, besides options like Entrepreneurship, International Business, Law, Statistics, Supply Chain Management, etc. To help you lay a strong foundation for overseas education, we have curated a list of internationally recognised BBA colleges.

Which BBA Colleges to Study Abroad?

Business Administration and Management courses are widely pursued by Indian students aspiring to study abroad. Megadiverse countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore are known for their quality education in this field. After completing your education in any of the finest business schools, you will ideally be able to work, anywhere in the world. Besides, these foreign universities provide training programs and on-campus placement opportunities. Which are the best institutions for BBA?

University of Toronto

Reflecting a changing and constantly globalizing world, a BBA degree at the University of Toronto which is one of the best BBA colleges in Canada is designed in such a way that it provides the students with a solid ground in Economics and are exposed to all the functional areas in the field of Management. The 3-year degree program is fully interactive and training based. Enabling the students to learn the principles of teamwork, leadership, communication and innovation, the university offers various specialization programs in BBA itself, including:

  • Management
  • Management and Accounting
  • Management and Information Technology
  • Management and Marketing
  • Management and Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Management and Human Resources
  • Economics and Management Studies

University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is amongst the prime BBA colleges that offer unique business programs in the world. Its integrated BBA-BMath 5-year degree provides the students with all the knowledge both theoretical and practical, present in the BBA syllabus along with the aspects of Mathematics such as calculus, algebra, algorithm designs, etc. This program allows students to use their analytical know-how to solve problems in a dynamically changing technology environment using advanced quantitative and technical skills.

National University of Singapore

Operating on a modular system, National University of Singapore (NUS) provides students enrolled in BBA programs with the flexibility to design and choose their own curriculum with the modules best suited to their own interest and skills. NUS is ranked amongst the best universities in the world and top BBA colleges in Singapore. The university offers a 2-year BBA and a 3-year BBA (Hons) degree program. Moreover, it offers nearly 7 BBA subjects to students to choose their field of specializations: Business Analytics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Economics, Leadership and Human Capital Management Specialization, Finance, Marketing and Operation and Supply Chain management

Kingston University

Aiming to develop competent future managers and entrepreneurs, BBA at Kingston University provides the students with the freedom to choose between 3 or 4-year programs, that further depend on whether the student wants to opt for final year work placement. Teaching students about the various aspects related to business such as Finance, Marketing, HR Management, Operations Management, Culture and International Business. The innovation in teaching mannerisms and excellent education is what makes Kingston one of the best BBA colleges in the world. 

Douglas College

In our list of top BBA colleges, Douglas College is an obvious choice. Right from providing 3 areas of specializations to the aspirants, namely – Accounting, Financial Services and Management, to allowing students to secure high salaries positions and professional designations, Douglas is the place. Moreover, students are taught career-ready skills such as teamwork, critical thinking ability, leadership and logical reasoning skills. The Specializations include:

  • BBA Accounting: This program teaches the students to grab all the necessary skills to secure some of the best accounting jobs in Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Auditing and Taxation.
  • BBA Financial Services: It offers a number of elective modules and work experience so that students can fetch jobs in Wealth Planning and Securities.
  • BBA Management: This course provides the students with a stable framework in the study of management and the principles governing it. Making students job-ready, this 4-year undergraduate degree upskills the students in the important fields of Finance, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, etc. 

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With a high-school certificate, you can easily apply to various BBA colleges abroad, other than the one discussed above. Besides this, you need a minimum SAT score of 1800 and IELTS score of not less than 6.5 (which may vary from university to university).

Do take a look at some more universities abroad where you can study Bachelor of Business Administration.

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Pursuing a business degree from any of the top BBA colleges in the world has a versatile application and prepares you for the upcoming market trends. Is BBA the right career step for you? Whether you are interested in pursuing an MBA or start working after graduation, a BBA degree will help you set a base and groom your skills and personality for the workplace. If you need help to choose the right university abroad, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu

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  1. Very good blog, You have to mention universities in Dubai also. I did my BBA in Dubai. The education quality and infrastructure they are providing are very much appreciated.

  1. Very good blog, You have to mention universities in Dubai also. I did my BBA in Dubai. The education quality and infrastructure they are providing are very much appreciated.

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