Meet the 14-Yo Avantika Kampani and Her Unique Seekh Learning Tool for Toddlers!

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Meet the 14-Yo Avantika Kampani and Her Unique Seekh Learning Tool for Toddlers!

Is there any perfect age to become an entrepreneur? Well, a unique business idea is all you need to dive into entrepreneurship! The 14-year-old Avantika Kampani from Mumbai had her eureka moment as a young entrepreneur too when she decided to create innovative learning tools for toddlers. Let’s explore the inspiration behind the ideas and story of 14-yo Mumbikar turned entrepreneur who launched the Seekh Learning Tool.

Most of us are unaware of Neonatal development which is a crucial stage in the life of a newborn baby. This stage is the first few weeks of a newborn’s life when the child can learn fast compared to any other stage in life. While parents are focused on necessities, only a few talk about brain development. Young innovator, Avantika Kampani launched a series of educational learning tools to help toddlers with brain development from Day 1.

Credits: OneWorldNews

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Who Inspired Avantika Kampani to Create Learning Tools for Toddlers?

When Avantika’s first cousin was born, she observed that even when the child was just 6 months old, he was observant, curious, and responding to his surroundings. To know more about the toddler behavior pattern and brain development of a toddler, Avantika Kampani conducted research work. The research concluded that early brain development leaves a lasting impact on toddlers. This became an inspiration behind the young innovator learning tools.

“These center around different cognitive potentials of an infant relating to vision, touch, understanding, and analytical ability, that can be nurtured right from day one”- Avantika Kampani

Seekh Learning Tool Launched with Six Different Sections

Under her initiative DayOne, she launched ‘Seekh’, which has a range of six sections:

  • At First Sight
  • Count Up
  • Touch and Feel
  • Building Blocks
  • Let’s Read
  • Link Up.

These sections were built based upon how Avantika’s mother used to teach her during infancy. At first sight, this section is fun but also holds a depth of complexity that urges kids to develop different neural connections. The cards have basic three primary colors, these three colors are the first that a child can see after birth. Initially, every newborn can see black and white patches. Moving on to Link Up, it helps with basic object correlation. 

Credits: OneWorldNews

“Each card has a word which the parent says out loud, as well as a shadow of the said object, which is for the child to see and understand what it looks like. Since colour comprehension is weak at this stage, dark coloured shadows make it easier for the child to relate to the object.” – Avantika Kampani on Link Up

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Entering the YEA Program

When she started her entrepreneurial venture, Avantika had to manage her school, class assignments and build her plan to launch these learning tools. Avantika believes kids are able to learn better and fast, if it’s fun and not a task. These games will also help parents to build a bond with their kids as well. 

Avantika Kampani’s parents have always been her constant support through it all. With their support, she was able to enter YEA program. It is a USA-based program that ventures towards nurturing middle school students into driven entrepreneurs. After entering the YEA program, Avantika studied business studies, marketing, and business ethics and laws. Seekh is not just a teenage entrepreneur idea, it is a well-researched business product. 

 “Pitching is an extremely important experience in growth as an entrepreneur. It even helped me feel more comfortable and confident at the competition”- Avantika Kampani after Pitching the Business Idea to Investors at YEA

Avantika Kampani is an inspiration to aspiring young entrepreneurs all over the world. She became an entrepreneur at the age of 14 by launching Seekh Learning Tool without compromising her studies and still working to launch more such tools. She was able to manage her time for her dream project and middle school studies. For more such inspiring entrepreneurial stories, stay connected to Leverage Edu.

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