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MBBS in the Philippines

Republic of the Philippines, or as more commonly known, Philippines is a southeast Asian country. As the Philippines was once a colony of the US for 50 long years, the standard of the education system including that for MBBS in the PhilippiMore

Study in Russia
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Study In The Largest Nation –  Russia!

Russia alone covers up 1/8th of the Earth’s land area. It’s more like a Matryoshka!

What? Don’t you know what Matryoshka is?

Well, it is a famous Russian doll which contains many secret wooden dolls of diminishing size within it.

Similarly, More

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Live Life Your Way – Study In Austria!

Do you listen to Mozart genre songs?

Studies have found that Mozart increases the capacity of the brain to learn more. Many students listen to it while studying. Even Einstein used to do the same.

And do you know? Mozart first appeared in Aust… More

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MBBS In China

China is becoming the #1 destination for Indian students who want to pursue their medical degree at a swift pace. If you’re wondering what makes Indian students opt for MBBS in China, here’s a piece of information for you- every Chinese medi… More