This Day in History- August 29

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India celebrates National Sports Day on August 29 every year honoring the hockey wizard of India, Dhyan Chand on his birth anniversary. Just like this special day, the history of August 29 commemorates the launch of the first British Rock n Roll single too! Let’s find out more such special events behind the history of today, i.e. August 29.

What Happened in India on August 29?

1905: National Sports Day
On August 29, India celebrated the birthday of Hockey wizard Dhyan Chand and to celebrate his contribution and legacy this day is marked as the National Sports Day in India. Dhyanchand played an important role in scoring a hattrick of the Olympics gold medal. 

What Happened Around the Globe on August 29? 

1838: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm German dictionary announcement
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German authors who announced to publish a german dictionary on this day in history but eventually published and completed it after almost 123 years.

1862: Second Battle of Bull Run
The second battle of bull run was one of the biggest American civil wars recorded in history. It was fought in Manassas and began on this day.

1883: Seismic sea waves 
Indonesia observed the deadliest and destructive volcanic eruption in history. Seismic sea waves were created by Krakatoa and almost  36,417 lost their lives.

1958: 1st Rock and Roll of British 
The famous Cliff Richard and the Drifters released a single named “Move It” which was the 1st British Rock n Roll song.

Credits: Clifford Richard

1994: Oasis released album
 UK’s Oasis Band released their debut album “Definitely Maybe” which became the fastest-selling album in the United Kingdom on August 29.

2002: 19th MTV Video Music Awards
On August 29, 19th MTV music awards were held and popular singers Pink and Rapper Eminem won. Eminem won 4 awards and Pink won the best female video award.

Credits: MTV

2004: Michael Schumaher wins 5th F1 World Drivers Championship
Michael Schumacher who was the german driver of Ferrari won the 5th straight F1 World Drivers Championship 5th time in a row. 

Famous Birthdays 

1923: Richard Attenborough
The famous British actor and director who has directed movies such as Jurassic Park and Gandhi was born in Cambridge, England on this day.

1936: John McCain
He was a former US Senator and American war hero who was born in Coco Solo on August 29.

1958: Michael Jackson
King of Pop who started performing from the age of 5 was born on this day in Gary, Indiana.

1981: Brian Chesky
The popular American internet entrepreneur and the brains behind successful Airbnb was born in New York on this day.

1993: Liam Payne
Singer who was part of the band One Direction, English Pop singer and songwriter was born on this day.

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