Are You Mr. KnowItAll ?

Somewhere on the coastal planes of the Indian Subcontinent, lived two fishermen. Well, to call them fishermen won’t do justice to the meaning i.e. the one who catches fish. But after all the hard work they used to put in, algae is everything they were rewarded with, most of the times. With such performance pressure and depleting reputation among friends and family, they were well-acquainted with the fact that they can’t just go on like this.

On one Sunday morning, they decided to meet and discuss what can be done to mend the situation they were in. They met and talked and talked for hours and finally took a mutual decision. The one who catches the first big fish next day onwards wins and the one who fails will quit fishing at least for a year. This way, the winner would be entitled to use all the limited resources available in order to catch more fish.

The first day they tried their limited skills and the luck, of course, it was not just algae on the fishing rods, but a couple of water lilies too. With a broken heart and roots shaken, it was time to go back home. While they used to have multiple failed attempts at the coast, there was a man who just sat there with his rod and it seemed like all the fish in the sea wanted to be caught by him. In a word, he was an ‘expert’ in that field.

Our underdogs knew that there exists a man like that within their vicinity. But, the only difference between those two was that while one of them had accepted the fact that he would need to leverage that expert’s skills, the other one was Mr. KnowItAll. And the result of the next fishing session, well we all know about it. Mr. KnowItAll had to give up the space, the equipment, the dream of getting into that top college, for a whole year.

The dream of getting into that top college? This came out of nowhere, right? Wrong. It came from the fact that advertently or inadvertently, we all behave like Mr. KnowItAll, especially during the college admissions. We think that we know everything from its eligibility criteria to its fee structure to its campus to everything that we need to know. Why? Because we have googled it. Well, while surfing the internet, there’s always something that is left behind, outside the pool of our knowledge. But that something is everything to get into our dream school.

Experts at leverage don’t know how to fish. But, they certainly know how to be a torchbearer for you on the way to your dream school. From career counselling to admission applications to interview preparations, Leverage Edu acts as a hub to make your higher education dream come true.

-Team Leverage

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