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architecture in australia

Architecture holds great value in the country of Australia. A variety of courses, colleges, and universities, are present within the borders of Australian land, that give opportunities to students wishing to pursue the path of Architecture. Australia is already well known for its world-class education, and regulatory bodies such as Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) make sure to maintain that level of quality. In this blog, we will discuss about architecture in Australia.  

About Architecture in Australia 

  • Architecture is a field where art and science are combined. Engaging in the process of planning, designing, construing, and fabricating large structures; along with being considerate of the functionality, aesthetics, and durability of the buildings is all a part of Architecture. Additionally, choosing the right and feasible material, elements, and technology of design is also an important aspect of Architecture.     
  • Architecture is of great importance given the rise in modern technology and increasing awareness of inclusivity. Modern buildings and environments need to sync with the processes of architecture to be considered a success. Therefore, an architect plays a key role in deciding and maintaining the design and blueprint of the infrastructure of a city, following the huge increase in world population. 
  • Studying architecture provides a great set of modules that talk about these different aspects of architecture, and techniques to support the same. 

Concerning Architecture in Australia, let’s go through some of the reasons for studying the subject in the country, in the next section. 

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Why Study Architecture Courses in Australia?

Universities in Australia are considered some of the best. The following are a few reasons to study architecture in Australia:

  1. Top Ranked Universities

Out of the 80 colleges offering higher education in architecture in Australia, 4 are ranked in the top 50 universities for architecture. Moreover, 10 are ranked in the top 100 architecture schools in Australia. 

  1. High Enrollment 

It is to be noted that 700 new enrollments are received by The Australian Architecture Schools, every year. That’s a great number of enrollments in the field and shows the scope of architecture. 

  1. Work Opportunities

As the field of architecture is expanding, so is the demand for jobs in the industry. After completing architecture studies, there are great job opportunities present in Australia. The salary packages are also good, based on the candidates’ experience and academic performance. 

  1. Diversity

There’s a great variety of courses available in Architecture in Australia, along with a diversity of students. They make use of their degree, and study and work in the field. This attracts more and more students to approach Australia as their favourite study destination.

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Architecture in Australia: Top Universities 

Universities QS Ranking 2023
University of Melbourne 33
University of Sydney 41
RMIT University 190
The University of New South Wales 45
Curtin University 193
The University Of Queensland 50
Monash University 57
Griffith University 300
University Of Western Australia 90
University Of Adelaide 109

Architecture in Australia: Courses and Specialization

There are various types of courses for architecture in Australia. These can be as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Architecture or related terminology – 3 years long 
  2. Master of Architecture or related terminology  – 1 to 2 years long
  3. A Doctoral Program in Architecture – 3 to 4 years long
  4. A certificate or diploma course 

You can also specialise in different sub-fields of architecture. Some of the specialisations are as follows:

  1. Architectural technology
  2. Architectural engineering
  3. Architectural design
  4. Architectural history
  5. Interior architecture
  6. Landscape architecture
  7. Urban planning
  8. Civil Engineering
  9. Property Valuation
  10. Urban Designing
  11. Urban and Regional Planning
  12. Building Planning
  13. Construction
  14. Garden Design
  15. Property Planning
  16. Interior Design
  17. Illumination Design

There are top architecture courses at a bachelor’s level. Look at the following:

Popular Courses University  Course Fee 
Bachelor of Design in Architecture The University of Sydney AU$139,500 (INR 74 lakh)
Bachelor of Architectural Studies The University of New South Wales AU$125,280 (INR 66 lakh)
Bachelor of Architectural Design RMIT University AU$138,240 (INR 73 lakh)
Bachelor of Design in Architecture University of Technology Sydney AU$118,512 (INR 63 lakh)
Bachelor of Architecture and Environments The University of Sydney AU$135,000 (INR 71.5 lakh)

There are top architecture courses at a master’s level. Look at the following:

Popular Courses University  Course Fee 
Master of Architecture The University of Melbourne AU$92,608 (INR 49 lakh)
Master of Architectural Science (High-Performance Buildings) (Sustainable Design) The University of Sydney AU$87,000 (INR 46 lakh)
Master of Design (Interior Architecture) University of South Australia AU$65,200 (INR 34.5 lakh)
Master of Architectural Science in Sustainable Design The University of Sydney AU$65,250 (INR 34.5 lakh)
Master of Architectural Science in High-Performance Buildings The University of Sydney AU$65,250 (INR 34.5 lakh)

Architecture in Australia: Other Courses 

There are other courses for architecture in Australia, as well. As mentioned before, they can be doctoral programs or diploma/certificate courses. Let’s look at a few in the table below:

Popular Courses University  Course Fee 
Diploma of Design and Architecture (Standard) – Architecture UTS College AU$33,000 (INR 17.5 lakh)
Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) Melbourne Polytechnic AU$38,504 (INR 20 lakh)
Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture, Building and Planning The University of Melbourne AU$172,544 (INR 91.5 lakh)
PhD (Architecture and Design) RMIT University AU$153,600 (INR 81 lakh)
Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts) The University of Western Australia AU$160,400 (INR 85 lakh)

Eligibility Criteria 

Listed below are some of the basic requirements to meet the eligibility criteria to study architecture in Australia. 

  1. A score of 80 percent or higher in a recognised school board examination.
  2. English Language Proficiency to the likes of IELTS (6.5), TOEFL (78 or more), or Duolingo.
  3. Statement of Purpose.
  4. Letters of recommendation.
  5. Qualifiable entrance test scores. 
  6. Student Visa.
  7. Valid Passport. 

Math is also an additional factor in some universities in Australia, for taking admission to architecture courses. Below are the eligibility criteria for admission at the undergraduate level and postgraduate levels: 

Undergraduate level  Postgraduate level 
A minimum percentage as mentioned by the chosen university, at the 10+2 level  A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture or equivalent degree with a score of 70 to 75 percent
IELTS: 6.5PTE: 58TOEFL: 78 or more  IELTS: 7PTE: 58 – 64TOEFL: 97 – 76 

Documents Required

These are the documents required for your application to architecture courses in Australia:

Application Process

It varies from university to university to get admission to architecture courses in Australia. One fortunate availability is the presence of help from Leverage Edu. You can avail of our services, and we can guide you, step by step, to enrol in a university of your choice. 

Here’s an easy 5-step process to complete your application process for pursuing architecture in Australia:

  1. Call our experts on 1800 572 000 to shortlist your favourite universities and courses. Start your application to multiple universities through our one dashboard platform.
  2. Compile all your documents like SOPs, essays, certificates, LORs and exam scores like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc.
  3. Meet all the application deadlines and start the application process for accommodation, students visa, and scholarships/student loans.
  4. Accept the offer letter and meet your teachers, college mates, and roommates virtually.
  5. Get your visa approved and fly to your dream university.

Architecture in Australia: Cost of Studying 

The cost of studying architecture in Australia not only includes tuition fees but also things like food, shelter, and commute. Let’s look at an overview of the same below. 

Expenses  Cost 
Living expenses AUD 1400 to AUD 2500 monthly (INR 74K to 1.3 lakh)


Australia also provides financial aid to international students. We present some of the scholarships below:

Name of Scholarship Name of University Amount 
University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships University of Melbourne 100% fee remission and up to AU$110,000 (INR 58 lakh)
Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship Macquarie University Up to AUD 10,000 (INR 5.2 lakh)
Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships AUD 1354.65 (INR 72,000) per month
UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship University of Wollongong 30% of tuition deduction

Top Architects from Australia 

Here is an example of scholars in the architecture field. This is to give an idea about the accomplishments of Australians on the architectural path, as the country has produced some great architects over the years. Here is a list of top architects. Note the list below. 

  • Glenn Murcutt – The only Australian to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize
  • Harry Seidler – Harry Seidler & Associates
  • Phillip Cox – COX Architecture
  • Peter Stutchbury – Peter Stutchbury Architects
  • Brit Andresen – Andresen O’Gorman Architects
  • Nonda Katsalidis – Fender Katsalidis
  • Alexander Tzannes – Tzannes
  • John Wardle – John Wardle Architects
  • Kerstin Thompson – Kerstin Thompson Architects
  • Hannah Tribe – Tribe Studio Architects

Architecture in Australia: Jobs and Salary 

Once you step foot in the architecture industry, what are the salaries and jobs you can expect? Have a look below:

Job Positions Annual Salary in AUD 
Landscape Architect $92,500 (INR 49 lakh)
Mechanical Drafter $87,750 (INR 46.5 lakh)
Architectural Designer $90,000 (INR 47.6 lakh)
Interior Designer $83,750 (INR 44 lakh)
Architectural Technician $85,000 (INR 45 lakh)

Please note that, in Australia, the average architect‘s salary is $132,050 (INR 70 lakh) per year. 

Architecture in Australia: Top Recruiters

We also bring forward some companies that are at the top for architects in Australia. These are as follows:

Companies Average Salary in AUD, per year
Accenture $126,851 (INR 67 lakh)
Cognizant Technology Solutions $116,450 (INR 61 lakh)
Wipro $101,727 (INR 54 lakh)
Virtusa $98,936 (INR 52.5 lakh)


Is architecture a good career in Australia?

Yes, architects are some of the highest-paying professionals in Australia. 

Is Australia a good country to study architecture?

In Australia, most universities fall within the top 1% of architectural programs.

This was all about Architecture in Australia! You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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