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As the need for food is increasing globally, modern practices are incorporated to boost the production of food. Among other practices, the concept of integrated farming is becoming popular. It encourages the sustainable use of resources and various farming methods to create an agriculture model that is self-sufficient as well as financially rewarding. Modern agriculture is highly influenced by technology which has not only reduced the laborious tasks associated with it but also helped to increase production. The blend of scientific knowledge and traditional farming methods have revolutionized the agro-industry. Owing to nature-oriented fulfilling experience and financial independence, farming is an evergreen choice of enthusiasts out there. One such subset of Agriculture is Apiculture which is associated with the rearing of bees. Let us explore a career in apiculture.

What is Apiculture?

Apiculture or Beekeeping is the care and management of honey bees for the production of honey and wax on a commercial scale. The bees are kept and bred in apiaries set up in a monitored environment. The agro-based activity is undertaken mostly in the rural areas to meet the food needs as well as the need for raw material for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The role of honey bees is central to the process of pollination of crops which is significant for the good yield. Honey Bees have a vital role in sustaining plants bio-diversity which is vital to support environmental stability. 

Management of Honey Bees for the Production of Honey and Wax

Governments support and sponsor programs on awareness about the benefits of beekeeping. Providing employment to many and contributing to the environment besides helping meet the global nutrition requirements, beekeeping has emerged as a great career option.

Role and Responsibilities of a Beekeeper

Beekeepers are professionally trained to carry on the tasks related to Apiculture. The job description of a may slightly vary depending on the production scale. Some of the core responsibilities of a beekeeper are listed below:

Monitor and maintain the hygiene of the beehives
Monitor and maintain the hygiene of the beehives
  • Monitor and maintain the hygiene of the beehives. 
  • Record observations and devise strategies for effective solutions.
  • Relocating beehives to enhance pollination of the crops.
  • Inspect beehives for parasites or diseases and do repairs when needed. 
  • Facilitate a conducive environment for breeding and growth of bees.
  • Harvesting of honey without harming bees. 
  • Managing marketing, sales and packaging of honey and by-products. 
  • Ensuring high quality and hygiene of the products.
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Courses in Apiculture 

To bring diversity in courses and promote sustainable development of the planet, universities are stressing on the inclusion of agriculture-related courses and modern farming practices. Many specialized universities have been established to promote research and development in the field. Courses like BSc Agriculture and MBA Agriculture are becoming popular.

Here are a few courses in apiculture that you can consider taking up:

Course  University Location Duration
Graduate Certificate in Commercial Beekeeping Niagara College Canada 3 Years 
Certificate in Apiculture  Southern Institute of Technology New Zealand 36 Weeks
Graduate Certificate in Beekeeping University of Maryland  USA 12 Months

How to Become a Professional Beekeeper?

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Beekeeper Education Requirements

This is a course where practical training is required more than theoretical knowledge. Some of the beehives offer certificates or classes to train the students. Beekeeping is becoming a popular course globally and now students are able to pursue an undergraduate degree and certificate courses as well. Various workshops and seminars are also organized by universities worldwide for students interested in building a career in apriculture.

Salary of Beekeeper

The salary of a beekeeper is hourly as well as monthly. Job opportunities for a beekeeper exist all over the world. In the USA, the Beekeeper salary ranges between $44,749 (INR 3324631). In the UK, the salary of a beekeeper is £37,417 (INR 3847685). In Australia, the beekeeper averagely earns $68932 (3851204). 

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Career Prospects 

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Scope of Beekeeping
Scope of Beekeeping

For those who wish to start their own business, a career in Apiculture can be good to start with a minimal capital of 1-2 lakh If you have expertise in beekeeping, the job is likely to be rewarding and fulfilling. The diversity in flora and fauna in India increases the opportunities for the development of the beekeeping industry.

It is estimated that more than 150 million bee colonies are needed for the pollination of crops in India which is likely to generate employment for 215 lakh people and highly trained professionals are needed to oversee them. 

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Career in Apiculture PPT

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BONUS [Facts about Apiculture]

  • Apiculture encourages environmental awareness.
  • The revenue generated from 100 bee colonies is around Rs 3 Lakh per annum. 
  • It improves crop production which boosts revenue generation in farming. 
  • Beekeeping plays a vital role in the development of small scale industry and rural economy. 
  • It promotes tourism in the region and thus contributes to the economy. 

Apiculture contributes to the employment generation and promotes self-employment, which has led to a number of educated youths pursuing it as a career option. Giving the flexibility to develop a business model using beekeeping as a part of integrated farming or choosing it as a part-time, the beekeeping as a profession has many takers. If you are planning to give your career a boost by gaining some extra skills in the relevant field, we at Leverage Edu can help you achieve it. Our career experts will not only help you choose a better option but also assist you in the application process.

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