ANSO Scholarship for International Students in China

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Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) Scholarship (1)

The ANSO Scholarship is provided to students who are pursuing studies in China at the masters or PhD level. This scholarship is fully funded and also includes airfare. ANSO selects 200 master’s and 300 PhD students annually. This scholarship is available at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) or institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) around China. Let’s explore everything you need to know about the ANSO scholarship, its eligibility criteria and more.

Name of the scholarship ANSO Scholarship
Eligibility Pursuing PhD or master’s degree
Awarded by  ANSO
Awarded value  INR 35,000-82,000 per annum

The ANSO Scholarship for International Students in China is a prestigious program that supports exceptional young talents from around the world in pursuing graduate studies in China. Administered by the Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO), the scholarship offers comprehensive financial assistance, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and a monthly stipend. It is available for various disciplines, focusing on natural sciences, engineering, and related fields.

The scholarship program emphasizes research capacity building, encouraging scholars to actively participate in research activities and collaborate with leading Chinese researchers. This creates an enriching academic and research environment. Cultural exchange is also promoted, providing scholars with opportunities to experience Chinese culture, language, and society.

Eligibility requires applicants to hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree, meet program-specific criteria, and exhibit outstanding academic performance and research potential. The selection process is rigorous, involving a thorough evaluation of academic achievements, research proposals, recommendation letters, and interviews.

The ANSO Scholarship for International Students in China offers a transformative opportunity for talented individuals worldwide to pursue their academic and research goals. Providing financial support and fostering a vibrant community of scholars, it cultivates knowledge advancement, global problem-solving, and international collaboration.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to apply for an ANSO scholarship then you need to first qualify for the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are eligible only if you are an international student enrolled in a master’s or PhD program 
  • To apply for 2022-2023 then you must be born after 1 January 1991
  • Then you are required to be healthy in physical and mental well being
  • You must possess abilities such as leadership, management, volunteer activities
  • You are required to have strong skills for research or an interest in research
  • The last eligibility criteria are to prove proficiency in English or Chinese

Benefits of ANSO Scholarship

  1. One of the main benefits are monthly stipend of 
  • Master’s: INR 35,178/month, up to 36 months; 
  • PhD: INR 70,395 or INR 82,128/month (depending on whether he/she has passed the qualification test arranged by USTC/UCAS), up to 48 months
  1. Other benefits include health insurance, Application fee waiver and Travel subsidy from their home countries to China (one trip per person)
  2. Any scholarship awardee on-site in China, the host country, at the time of application, will NOT be eligible for any travel subsidy

Scholarship Details 

  • If a candidate is pursuing a master’s degree at any university/institution in China, then the candidate is not eligible for the master’s program of this scholarship
  • Candidates pursuing a doctoral degree at any university/institution in China, are NOT eligible for the PhD program of this scholarship. Otherwise, the candidate will be disqualified from admission and the situation will be reported to the current university/institution
  • Candidates are not allowed to apply for the ANSO Scholarship in both USTC and UCAS simultaneously, otherwise, they will be disqualified from admission.
  • This scholarship includes a tuition fees waiver

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How to Apply for ANSO Scholarship.

The ANSO Scholarship applications are now open till 31 March 2023. It is noted that from this year it is not compulsory for both USTC and UCAS applicants to find host supervisors before application. The application process is given below :

Step:1 Application Materials

For USTC applicants, you can refer to the Application Guideline for Graduate Applicants to USTC. For UCAS applicants, refer to the Call for 2023 Doctoral Programs for International Students and the Call for 2022 Master’s Programs for International Students. 

Step:2 Application Portal

First, you need to file and submit an application for an interesting scholarship in the USTC/UCAS admission system as requested before the deadline, i.e., 31 March 2023. Thereafter you have to choose “the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents” in your application. 

Other Important Details 

  • The duration of the ANSO scholarship for masters is 36 months and for PhD is up to 48 months. 
  • The documents must be given in hard copy for the application process and these documents must be original.
  • The scholarship is open for applications now which are for 2023-2024.
  • The scholarship is open to all Chinese students who want to pursue studies in China. 


Which universities offer ANSO scholarships?

The universities that take ANSO scholarships are the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) or institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) around China

What are the similar opportunities to ANSO scholarship? 

Some of the similar opportunities to ANSO scholarship are:
1. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarships
2. Chinese Government Scholarship at HIT
3. Yenching Academy of Peking University Scholarships
4. CSA Group Graduate Scholarship To Study in Canada
5. Turkish Government Research Scholarship

Are documents given in hard copy or soft copy? 

The documents for the ANSO scholarship must be the original hard copies of uploaded documents to the scholarship office upon arrival in China.

We hope that this blog helped you with all details about the ANSO scholarship. If finding the right scholarship still confuses you, feel free to call our Leverage Edu experts. We are here to help you select the best scholarship and funding options available to finance your dream of pursuing a Master’s or PhD abroad!

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