Top AI Inventions of 2020

AI Inventions

Among the many contrivances, Artificial Intelligence is the need of the modern era. It is the greatest art form of humans in its ability to assist and enhance human intelligence, even though it doesn’t supersede human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a combination of anything from predefined electronic codes and commands, information, expressions, physical movements, etc. There are numerous mechanisms of mathematical processes, scientific calculations, theories of probability, infinite algorithms that are included under the various applications of artificial intelligence. Coming to the topic at hand, 2020 has proved to be an extraordinary and challenging year for the scientific world. In this blog, we bring you a yearly round-up of the top 10 AI Inventions of 2020. 


Courtesy: Time

This invention has helped track the symptoms and analyse one of the leading causes of death in the world, i.e. cancer. The technology helps patients analyze the pertinent treatment options and by creating a personalized list of treatments that can be implemented for the specific diagnosis. It is presented to clients lucidly so that they can understand the details of their treatment and plan accordingly with their oncologist. TrailJectory also provides treatment plans for other patients who had a similar diagnosis and their outcomes for people to compare and choose the best-suited option. They also make sure that drug usage and choosing the correct company/hospital isn’t influenced by any advertising strategy but solely based on the requirement of the patient and the quality of the drug. TrailJectory is certainly among the top AI inventions of 2020 because of its patient-oriented approach and transparency in providing informed decisions to patients. 

Beewise Beehome

Beewise Beehome
Courtesy: Time

Among the many gifts of nature, bees have been claimed to be the most important living thing on earth. But due to the use of a 150-year-old technology to foster bees, i.e. with the help of the wooden boxes, the world lost almost 35% of the bees. This directly affects our food supply because 30% of the food production and supply depends solely on bees. Beewise Beehome uses AI technology and advanced robotics to redesign the beehive and make it sustainable for bees. It is a novel innovation of an autonomous bee-hive that monitors each and every bee and provides comfort and care. Such strategic planning of creating the most healthy home for bees makes Beewise Beehome be listed among our top 10 AI inventions of 2020. It is essential for such creations to receive support and recognition because of their selfless efforts for maintaining harmony in nature. 


Courtesy: TechCrunch

This invention has to be the most crucial and acclaimed one among our list of top 10 AI inventions in 2020. Almost every one of us has faced a moment where they wished they could mute the background noises during classes, meetings, or presentations while working from home. The invention of the application Krisp is here to save your day.  The AI-powered noise-cancelling application works by recognizing your voice and the noise in the background. It then adds a layer between your mic and the call and filters unwanted noise. The technology is effective with any device and supports more than 600 applications including conferencing, streaming, and recordings. Try the application to experience Krisp feedback on your presentations and enjoy noise-free classes. 


Courtesy: Quartz

Amidst all the panic and stress, Lovot is a machine that is here to spread love. Lovot is a highly-developed pint-sized machine that can create the behaviour that is similar to human beings. It was created in Tokyo and has machine-learning technology that makes this robot more human-like. It can detect more than 50 sensors and has six-layer lights that give a more natural look to the eye. The most beautiful feature is the sensitive body coating that is called ‘skinship’. This makes the robot detect tickles, hugs, pats, etc. in a more human manner! It has a deep-layered camera that grasps height along with wheels for better mobility. It caught the attention of many people making Lovot as one of the top 10 AI inventions of 2020 due to its warm approach and software to meet the emotional needs of humans.

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Embodied Moxie

Embodied Moxie
Courtesy: Amazon Store- Business

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, no matter what age. Children felt bored and tedious at home while parents juggled with their professional and family life. Embodied Moxie is an AI-powered robot for kids. Imagine it as being a friend and a skill-developer for the child. It is highly effective for children of the age of 5-6 by helping them deal with their creative and emotional parts of the brain. The robot also recognizes people and places which delivers a personalized experience to the child. Parents can control the schedules and add appointments (doctor, dental, etc.) for the robot to mentally prepare the child. It is one of the top AI inventions of 2020 because of its revolutionized design and unique approach. It has helped many parents with their daily chores and has also benefited children by making them more skilled, confident, and empathetic.


Courtesy: MarTech Series

Kasisto is an AI-powered technology that assists financial institutions and banks. The technology is based on the same code used for Apple’s Siri. Customers receive suggestions to make better decisions about urgent matters and complex issues. Customers also receive advice regarding sensitive financial issues, selecting the correct products, and services at the correct time. Kasisto is one of the top AI inventions of 2020 because it provides personalized and insightful conversations through virtual assistance for digital brands to flourish.


Courtesy: MOJO Marketplace

Liveperson is an AI-powered conversational cloud that makes it easier to connect with consumers and understand their needs. It has specially designed chatbots that help over a billion brands to converse with their consumers on their day-to-day messaging channels. Liveperson has a special feature called the ‘Intent Manager’ that detects consumer’s intent by using over a million conversations to train machines and build algorithms. The system detects product defects, payment issues, services, etc. Such information helps improve the quality of products and add newer policies. This technology reduces labor costs and increases sales. Liveperson is one of the essential AI inventions of 2020 that helps brands profit and bloom.

L’Oreal Perso

Loreal Perso
Courtesy: The Verge

This innovation is a gem for all the women out there. Being one of the most reliable beauty brands, L’Oreal has created Perso developed through a technology incubator. It is a highly personalized device that analyses the information about your skin and creates customized skincare formulas. The device analyses the skin condition/type using the L’Oréal-owned ModiFace technology. Further, it also assesses the environmental conditions including climate, humidity, temperature, etc. that affect the user’s skin. The device then checks other skincare concerns for custom formulations adjusted to the morning and evening applications. This device is one of the top AI inventions of 2020 because of its groundbreaking design, execution, and approach. 

BrainBox AI

Courtesy: Sustainable Biz Canada

Brainbox AI has been lauded by several companies and due to its revolutionized approach towards building automatization. Buildings have been the world’s biggest climate change contributors. BrainBox AI uses cloud-based computing and real-time data from weather forecasts, sun-cloud positioning, heat, humidity, etc. to predict the building’s future and thermal conditions. This helps reduce expenses, improve resident’s comfort, and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. BrainBox AI is an essential contribution to the scientific world making it one of the top inventions of 2020. 



Wint is a vital innovation that is based on Artificial Intelligence that stops leaks and alerts water leakage. This helps save water, reducing the damage which leads to optimal use of resources. Multiple buildings are highly affected by continuous leakage that can cause damage and waste. Wint helps identify the root cause for quicker implementation of solutions. Wint also provides a ‘water footprint’ that provides detailed information on how and when the water is used. It detects unnecessary use of water and reduces water bills. Wint is one of the top AI inventions of 2020 because it helps save water and channel the use more effectively. 

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These were the top 10 AI inventions of 2020 that created a positive impact in this unpredictable year. Want to pursue a career in artificial intelligence? get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts who will help you explore the top courses and universities in the world! Sign up for a free session with us today!

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