A Guide On Different Types of Student Accommodation in Australia

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Student Accommodation in Australia

Nestled in the Southern Hemisphere of the world, Australia has established itself on the global map as one of the favourite educational destinations for students all over the world. The country is a leader in terms of quality education and high-impact research. However, one of the primary concerns of students planning to pursue education in Australia has always been to find the appropriate accommodation in the new country. From housing facilities to apartments, there is a wide range of accommodations in Australia that students can opt for depending on their budget and lifestyle.

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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Accommodation in Australia 

Before we share the details of the different types of accommodation in Australia, we have prepared a short checklist to keep in mind while picking the final housing apartment. 

  1. Budget is the most important criteria for finalising your student accommodation. Living in Australia is quite an expense, therefore while choosing the housing facility make sure that it does not add to the burden. Homestays and on-campus housing can be the cheapest options for students on a budget while students can also opt for apartments close to their campus and bunk with friends.
  2. Another factor you must consider is proximity. It is important to choose accommodations that are close to your educational establishment. After all, you don’t want to travel long distances to reach your university. 
  3. Choose accommodations that come with adequate room furnishings as purchasing appliances and furniture in Australia can go over the budget, especially for a university student. There are many apartments that are fully furnished and these can help you reduce costs in the long run.
  4. Make sure your accommodation in Australia comes with the necessary amenities and facilities i.e., proper water availability, power services, basic utility subscriptions, and internet connectivity.
  5. And lastly, read the lease agreement carefully. The lease agreement is a legal binding contract, therefore, make sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully. It is always better to sign the lease agreement after looking at the apartment in person. There are several fraudulent listings that may con international students.

Accommodations in Australia

As mentioned previously, Australia offers a wide range of accommodation options for its students, and mentioned down below are some of the most preferred housing facilities: 


Homestays are one of the most student-friendly and pocket-friendly accommodation options in Australia. Homestays are affordable and a great way to learn about the country and its culture. International students get to stay with an Australian family and have their basic amenities taken care of. This is an excellent choice for first-year students who might need more guidance and mentorship. Homestays provide furnished rooms with meals and adequate utilities in the house of your host. It may also include airport pickup. However, always make sure to choose a homestay that has been recommended by a trusted source. A homestay experience may cost between AUD 250- AUD 400 (INR 13K- 21K) per week, however, the packages can be customized according to the type of meals, utilities, and rooms chosen. 

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Residential Colleges

Another popular mode of accommodation in Australia has always been the option of residential colleges. Living on or near the campus in these residencies always provides an added advantage as they are convenient options for living in Australia. Transport charges decrease drastically and also one gets to experience university life in its truest form. The cost of residential colleges varies greatly, and on average, one is expected to pay between AUD 200 to AUD 750 (INR 10K- INR 40K) per week.

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Managed Student Apartments

Dedicated apartment complexes catering for 100-140 students are another popular mode of accommodation in Australia. There are options of single or twin rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms or even rooms with beds that can house 4-5 students. Since the apartments are shared by several students, the rent prices are quite affordable. The cost generally varies according to the apartments, however, on average, an individual can expect to pay between AUD 200 – AUD 500 (INR 10K- INR 26K) per week. The apartments come furnished along with all the modern facilities along with 24-hour security, and on-site staff is available as well. 

Halls of Residence

Affiliated with or generally owned by the educational institutions, halls of residence are accommodation options that are usually located on the campus or near to it. One can rent a single bedroom with shared utilities or apartment-style rooms with a private washing area and kitchens according to their budget. The utilities provided to the students are generally included in their fees and they have access to free internet in their rooms. The rates start from AUD 320 (INR 17K) and can go up to AUD 1000 (INR 53K) per month. 

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation in Australia is the best option for students who are pursuing short-term courses. Hostels are extremely popular options for students as they are extremely affordable and can also fit into even the tightest of budgets. Usually, there are two types of hostel accommodations in Australia that one can choose from. There are backpackers’ hostels and classic hostels. Backpackers’ hostels have a laid-back vibe and provide a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere for their residents. There are different categories of services from which one can choose. One can avail of the exclusive services or even pick the basic services package. 

On the other hand, classic Australian hostels are known for providing renowned accommodation services. Like backpackers’ hostels, classic hostels also provide a range of services that a student can choose from. Students get well-furnished rooms along with access to various shared utilities. Hostel accommodation is one of the cheapest types of accommodation available in Australia and depending on the type of hostel a student chooses, the average rent spent by them ranges between AUD 90 to AUD 150 (INR 4K- 8K) per week. 

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There are many students who feel awkward around new faces, therefore if you don’t want to live in housing facilities shared by other students, then you can always have the option of choosing a private rental. However, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement carefully. 

Also, private rentals might be a bit on the expensive side as compared to other types of accommodation in Australia. A student needs to pay for the different utility bills separately and cook for themselves as well which might be an issue if you have a hectic college schedule. Some private rentals, though, do provide the option of sharing the apartment with friends. The cost of private rentals varies, but on average, a student can expect to pay between AUD 101 to AUD 500 (INR 5K- 26K) per week.

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Cost of Studying & Living in Australia

Being consistently ranked among the safest countries in the world makes studying in Australia an ideal choice. Furthermore, Keeping in mind the distance of your stay from the campus and whether it is easily accessible by public transport, international students can consider options like renting a property, purpose-built student accommodation (studio apartments or shared rooms), short-term accommodation (hostels, hotels or temporary housing), university-managed facilities, residential colleges, and homestay. Here is a breakdown of the cost of studying in Australia.

Categories Details Charges [AUS Dollars] Charges [Indian Rupees]
Tuition Fees Vocational TrainingBachelor Level Programs
 Master Level Courses
4,000 – 22,000 20,000 to 45,000 20,000 to 55,000 2 – 10.7 lakhs,
70K –21.8 lakhs
72K – 26.7 lakhs
Accommodation Hostels/Guest HouseShared ApartmentsOn-campus 90-15095-220110-300 4K – 70K,
11-14 lakhs
Other Expenses Gas, Electricity, Entertainment, Transportation, Internet, etc. 270-540 13K – 26K


How much does accommodation cost in Australia?

Depending on the type you select, Australian student housing varies in price. The state, city, and neighbourhoods you desire to live in all have an impact on price. You can base your search on your budget once you are aware of it. A weekly cost of between AU$140 and AU$350 is to be anticipated.

What kinds of accommodation are there in Australia?

In Australia, there are numerous possibilities for student housing. You have the following choices because, as an international student, you are permitted to use any type of rental:
Homestay Residental Hotels
Hostels Colleges
Managed residences for students
Personal leases (rooms, units, houses, apartments)
Resident halls
Private secondary school boarding schools

Does being a student require you to live in student housing?

There are numerous housing alternatives available to students in Australia, some of which are accessible regardless of the type of visa they have and others which are just accessible to students, including Apartments for students that are managed by residence colleges Dormitories.

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  1. I appreciate the information and advice you have shared and also I have very much enjoyed the time I have spent reading this information. Thanks for sharing this informative post. Looking forward to many others. It’s continuously nice once you can’t solely be told, however conjointly entertained!

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