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An accelerated degree or fast-track degrees are full bachelor’s degree program (UG) which students can complete in a condensed time period. These degree programs have the exact same amount of course content as traditional degree courses. The only difference is in the duration of the course, tuition fee and accommodation cost. The structure of the course varies from university to university in the united kingdom. Accelerated degrees are two years programs in the UK and three years programs in Scotland. An accelerated degree from the UK helps the students to cover the gap years break and kickstart their professional journey. Let’s get insights into Accelerated Degrees in UK! 

Course Full Name Accelerated Degree or Fast Track Degree
Course Fee Structure GBP 20k-25k (INR 18.45 lacs- 23.06 lacs)
Exam Required GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS
Course Duration 2 years
Course Category Full-time
Scholarships Available Yes
Placement Opportunity Yes
Intakes September (Fall) & January (Spring)

Why Study Accelerated Degrees in UK?

There are multiple benefits to pursuing accelerated or fast-track bachelor’s degree programs from universities in the UK. Some of them are that after successful completion of the accelerated or fast track degree students can jump-start their career early and get good employment opportunities in the UK and outside. Universities offering accelerating degrees have designed academic course curricula much more flexible and based on the market standards. There are multiple universities in the UK which offer accelerated degrees with lots of course options.

Types of Accelerated Degrees in UK

In the UK universities have designed a variety of accelerated degree program that gives students multiple options depending on their admission requirements. The types of accelerated programs are mentioned below.

Advantages of an Accelerated Degree Program

There are numerous advantages of an accelerated program in the United Kingdom. Some are mentioned below.

  • Economical Degree Program
  • Gap year coverage
  • Student-friendly program orientation
  • Same Course Structure
  • Faster Career Advancement

Subjects Available for Accelerated Degrees in UK 

There are multiple accelerated bachelor’s courses offered by universities in the United Kingdom. Some of these subjects are mentioned below.

Computer Science  Hospitality Management
Marketing Finance
Nursing Liberal Arts
Accounting Sociology
History Political Science
Sports Management Education
Business Administration Human Resource
Information Technology Computer Programming
Project Management Communications
Emergency Management Fire Science

Accelerated Degrees in UK – World University Rankings 

The QS World University Ranking 2023 of UK universities offering accelerated degrees is given below.

University  Ranking 
London Metropolitan University  801-1000
University of Derby 1001-1200
University of Plymouth 651-700
Birmingham City University 1001-1200
University of Essex 465
Leeds Beckett University 1001-1200
University of Greenwich 801-1000
University of Hertfordshire 801-1000
Coventry University 651-700
Middlesex University 751-800

Eligibility Criteria

  • Although each university has its own admission requirement for the accelerated/fast track degree programs.
  • Students can apply directly to the university website or through  UCAS (University and Colleges Admission Services). UCAS help the students to search for the best college and course option for them.

Application Process

The application process takes place over a period of time and begins months before the commencement of classes. The universities have two main intakes known as the fall intake and winter intake for international students to kickstart their journey. You can call our Leverage Edu experts on 1800 572 000 to find out how the application process can be fast-tracked and streamlined!

Here’s an easy 5-step process to complete your application process – 

  1. Call our experts on 1800 572 000 to shortlist your favourite universities and courses. Start your application to multiple universities through our one dashboard platform
  2. Compile all your documents like SOPs, essays, certificates and LORs and exam scores like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc
  3. Meet all the application deadlines and start the application process for accommodation, students visa, and scholarships/student loans.
  4. Accept the offer letter and meet your teachers, college mates and roommates virtually
  5. Get your visa approved and fly to your dream university

Documents Required

Fee Structure

The average fee structure of the accelerated degree program in UK universities is GBP 20k-25k (INR 18.45 lacs- 23.06 lacs).

Cost of Living 

The estimated cost of living for the accelerated degree program in UK universities is GBP 16k to 19k (INR 14.76 – 17.53 lacs).


 UK universities offer multiple scholarships to  UG, PG and PhD international students. Some of the scholarships provided by universities in the UK to UG students are mentioned below.

Scholarship Description  Award
Leeds Beckett University  The university values the diversity that international students bring to Leeds Beckett and hence offers various guaranteed scholarships to all eligible Indian students. GBP 1,000 (INR 1,01,260) per year
University of Essex The scholarship is offered to undergraduate students from India GBP 4,000 (INR 4,05,042)
Anglia Ruskin University Recognizing that pursuing a degree programme is a significant financial commitment, Anglia Ruskin University has created a series of guaranteed scholarships and bursaries to help foreign students study abroad Between GBP 1,000 and GBP 2,000 (INR 1,01,260 – INR 2,02,521)


Q.Is accelerated program harder for students?

Accelerated degree programs are a little more challenging than a traditional courses. Here students complete the same amount of work but in a shorter period of time.

Q. Can students speed up getting their degree?

Yes, but for this students need to attend winter and summer sessions, and work closely with their advisor to map out the course requirements. 

Q. What is a 1-year degree called?

One year’s degree is called an associate degree for example an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or an Associate of Science (A.S.). A degree earned in a professional program is often called an Associate of Applied Science, or A.A.S., though sometimes the name reflects the specific field of study, such as an Associate of Engineering.

If you want to get into a high-ranked university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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