A Birthday Special Note

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Today is my birthday. And I am going to take this opportunity to talk about two things:
 1. Kutumbakam: Do good!   
 2. AkshayLearningsScrapbook: Learning be compulsive, learning to be obsessive. 🎂 

Kutumbakam: From as far as when I was 7 years old, I have been saying these two prayers in the morning, that simply talk about ‘doing good’, & the ‘ask’ for having the will, the wisdom, to ‘do good’. It’s the single most impactful thing that continues to shape my life.

This year saw me returning back to a lot of what I have always believed to be “my purpose”, in part for the tough times a lot of us saw, and largely inspired by my wife @BahriAditi who’s now in public service. We hence decided to give some structure to our ‘do good-ing’, calling it “Kutambakam”. Do read more here: https://kutumbakamfoundation.org – & if this resonates, I urge you to JOIN in. 🙏 

Akshay Learnings Scrapbook: The last few years have been very giving to me intellectually and creatively, & I was able to realize that a lot of it has come with ‘the mindset to obsessively learn’. I had read this quote: “the more good ideas you collect, the more, you can choose from to be influenced by” – it’s so powerful! And hence again, just as I thought about @leverageedu initially with the thought that I wanted more people to be exposed to mentors and thinkers and centers of learning & growing full circle – in the same pattern #AkshayLearningsScrapbook is a small initiative I’ve started to have beginners access curated content that I read / track myself, to build this as a ‘habit’.

I wanted there to be some friction to it, to only have folks who really value this join in, & hence put a lifetime ₹ entry ticket, the proceeds from which will go to all the ‘do good’ initiatives. Thank you, hope to see some of you there – https://imjo.in/7UnfMd

I have been fortunate to be with loved ones on my 31st. Grateful for the energy out there. Hope to hit a big six outside the stadium this year, have trained really hard to be able to play. 🙋

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