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We are all caught by a variety of applications like Zomato, Google Maps, Adobe Photoshop, PubG and many more that keep your fingers busy. All these applications are the perfect example of the craftsmanship of a Software Engineer and they often referred to as the tech-gurus that creatively design, maintain and operate such software. If you also want to delve in this mesmerising field of creating wonders every day, a course in software engineering can make you learn all the assets required for it. Sofware Engineering is one of the best engineering courses for future and refers to the quantifiable and systematic approach of developing high-end applications. If you also want to start a career in this field and want to know how to proceed, here is a blog which elucidates the various aspect of a career in this field. 

What is Software Engineering?

While talking about the best engineering courses, one cannot miss the name of Software Engineering. Famous as the most sought out BSc courses after 12th science, the field has a lot offer to tech-savvies. The general duration of the bachelor program remains to be 3-4 years across universities, whereas, for a master’s courses it might range from 1.5-2 years. The course curriculum revolves around operations, development and maintenance of the software. Applicants will be studying the concepts like understanding of the system requirements, principles of the Engineering, strategies to proficiently perform coding, testing and designing the software.    

The popularity of software engineering may be attributed to a number of factors:

  • Large software – In real life, it is far more convenient to construct a wall than it is to construct a house or structure. Similarly, when the size of the program grows larger, software engineering aids in the development of the software.
  • Scalability- It is simpler to re-create new software to scale an old one if the software development process is based on scientific and technical notions.
  • Adaptability: When the software development process is founded on scientific and engineering principles, it is simple to re-create new software using software engineering.
  • Cost- The hardware sector has demonstrated its abilities, and large-scale production has reduced the price of computer and electrical gear.
  • The software’s dynamic nature allows it to expand and adapt over time. It is dependent on the user’s working environment.
  • Quality Management: Provides a better approach of software development in order to provide high-quality software.

Challenges of Software Engineering

Here are some of the major issues that software developers face:

  • The cost of software failure in safety-critical sectors such as space, aviation, nuclear power plants, and so on may be enormous since lives are at stake.
  • Faster turnaround times are becoming more important in the marketplace.
  • Dealing with the rising complexity of software, which necessitates the development of new applications.
  • A wide range of software systems should be able to communicate with one another

Software engineer tasks and responsibilities

  • Software system design and maintenance
  • New software packages are evaluated and tested.
  • Increasing the speed and scalability of software
  • Code creation and testing
  • Clients, engineers, security experts, and other stakeholders were consulted.
  • Stakeholders and internal customers are being shown new functionalities.

Why should I pursue a career as a software engineer?

A job as a software engineer may be both exciting and difficult if you love solving issues and have good analytical abilities. And, as technology advances, the need for software engineers grows (far faster than the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) [1].

Because practically all organisations utilise software, a job as a software engineer allows you to work in a variety of sectors and professions. Whether you’re interested in banking, entertainment, sports, real estate, or another field, software programmers are in high demand.

It’s also a job that permits you to work from home. It’s possible that you’ll be able to work from home for firms in other states or even nations. The most crucial factor is that you can stick to deadlines and complete projects on time.

Python Java
Software Development Web Development
Database Engineering Linux
C++ Scrum
HTML Jenkins

Software Engineering Eligibility Criteria

Career in Software Engineering

Out of all the engineering branches, software engineering is among the choicest courses among students. To get admissions under the alluring universities of abroad, candidates have to fulfil certain essential criteria. Students must possess formal schooling of 10+2 with MPC subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry). Along with this, candidates will be required to qualify the SAT exam and the English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. It is advised that the candidates must have well-designed Letter of Recommendation LOR and Statement of Purpose (SOP) ready at the time of filling the application. 

Software Engineering Curriculum

While studying a course in the very field, candidates have to gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Thus, a degree in engineering helps students gain an intricate understanding of these subjects and through intensive training.  Here are some of the important subjects of computer science engineering syllabus:

Logic Circuits  Business Data Processing  Applied Physics 
Computer Programing   Core Mathematics  Operating Systems 
Engineering Mechanics  Basic Electricity and Electronics  Engineering Mechanics 
Applied Chemistry Engineering Drawing  Discrete Structure
Computer Methodologies and Algorithms  C-Programming  Computer Organizations 
Computer Networks and Communications  Digital Signal Processing  Data Communications 

Software Engineering Courses 

In Software Courses List, there are a variety of programs available such as a Diploma in Software Engineering, BE, BTech, MTech or PhD. The course is available around the globe are diverse and can accommodate students from different educational backgrounds. Enlisted below are top courses of this specialization:

Level  Courses 
Diploma  -Diploma of Network and Software
Bachelors  -BSc Software Engineering for Business
-BEng Network and Software Engineering
-BE/BTech/Bachelor of
Software Engineering
-BSc Computer Science
(Software Engineering)
Masters  -MSc Advanced Software Technology 
-MSc/MEng Software Engineering
-PGCert/PGDip Software Engineering

Top Universities for Software Engineering

As we all know that a university provides an ideal platform to kick start your career, it is advised to select the one through expert guidance. By their unique teaching techniques and high-end placements, the following universities have grabbed an esteemed mention in the list of top institutions providing degree in this domain. Below-mentioned are some of the prestigious universities offering engineering courses-

Career Prospects 

With a creative Career Objective for Software Engineers, students can grab a high profile jobs as soon as they complete their degree. As the course from the above mentioned esteemed universities, transform the candidates into highly valued professional which prove out to be an ideal employee for the big firms. Hence, there are plenty of work profiles and sectors to choose from and avail numerous career opportunities. Let’s have a look at the popular work profiles after a course in this field: 

  • Software Specialist 
  • Software Developer
  • Assistant Manager 
  • Software Trainee Developer
  • Programmer
  • PHP Developer 
  • Plant Design Engineer 
Job Profile Average Salary
Software Engineer INR 5-20 lakh per annum
Software Tester INR 2-7 lakh per annum
Game Developers INR 3-28 lakh per annum
Android Developers INR 2-5 lakh per annum
Java Developers INR 4-12 lakh per annum

A career in Software Engineering can bring in great success in your life. If you want to capture global exposure and avail plethora of career opportunities of abroad, contact us at Leverage Edu and our experts here will help you get admissions in your dream university.  

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