What Can You Do with a BE Degree?

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BE Degree

Did you recently complete your Bachelor of Engineering (BE degree)? Wondering whether you should explore work opportunities or go for higher education? Choosing between whether to work or to go for higher studies can certainly be a daunting task. However, you should know that in an ever-growing and dynamic job market, Engineering graduates have a wider range of career options to choose from! So, in this blog, we will shed light on a list of such opportunities that you can explore after your BE degree!

Difference between BE and BTech

If you are wondering about “what is the difference between BE and BTech?” before opting for your engineering program, you might come across many prominent factors about these two degree which set them apart. Here are the key differences between BE and BTech:

BTech BE
BTech is more of a skill-based course. BE is a knowledge-based course focused more on theory rather than practical training.
Industrial visits and internships are an essential part of BTech. Industrial visits and internships are a part of BE but not considered compulsory.
BTech courses focus more practical training and exposure while incorporating theory alongside. A BE degree familiarises learners with the theoretical aspects and offers them options and electives to explore practical training.
The course is updated frequently and is offered in interdisciplinary specialisations such as Food Technology, Biotechnology, etc. Since it is more knowledge-based, the course is not as frequently updated as the other one and is mainly offered in core Engineering branches.
Usually, academic institutes which specifically offer engineering courses refer to their degree as BTech Usually, universities offering different courses like that in Humanities, Arts, etc, in addition to engineering, offer BE


Since both the degrees belong to the same domain of Science, often they are misconceived. You might have also come across common misconceptions about them. Thus, here we aim to shed light on such assumptions- 

  1. Only the government institutions offer BTech and BE is offered by private institutes– A variety of government institutions in India including Netaji Subhash University of Technology offer BE degree in an array of streams. Apart from this, you will easily find private colleges offering BTech degrees. 
  2. No industrial training is provided in BE and BTech– Industrial Training or internship is compulsory in both the courses once candidates complete their 6th semester. 
  3. BTech is preferred over BE, vice-versa– Neither is preferred over the other. It is your performance throughout the course that will help you fetch a good job.

In our detailed discussion of what to do with a BE degree, let us now go through some of the popular specializations that are frequently opted by students- 

  • Computer Engineering: Known as the amalgamation of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering will be your dose of computer software as well as hardware. Candidates will learn to control electrical devices through databases and structure. 
  • Software Engineer: Software Engineering is all about the management, design as well as installation of computer softwares. Students must be familiar with the basics of computer programming before opting thia stream as a specialization. 
  • Civil Engineering: From large buildings to huge dams, everything around us is mainly designed by civil engineers. Civil Engineers are hired to design unique projects as well as customize the already existing buildings into better and long-lasting structures. 

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, here are some other popular specializations for BE Degree- 

Job Opportunities With a BE Degree

Having been through intensive training, both practically and theoretically, BE degree graduates are equipped with skills like analytical reasoning, critical thinking, technical skills, amongst others. This not only helps in finding myriad opportunities in the chosen domain but also in multidisciplinary fields like Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, etc. Tabulated below are some of the job options you can explore based on various engineering branches.

Engineering Branches Job Profiles After BE Degree
Mechanical Engineering Instructional Designer
Site Engineer
Computer-Aided Engineer
Design Engineer
Product Engineer
Computer Science Engineering Computer Scientist
Program Developer
Software Development Engineer
Data Scientist
Cloud Engineer
Petroleum Engineering Consultant
Quality Control Officer
Reservoir Engineer
Petroleum Surveyor
Operations Engineer
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Hardware Design Engineer
Product Designer
Control Design Engineer
Quality Engineer
Automobile Engineering Mechanical Design Engineer
Production Engineer
Driver Instrumentation Engineer
Automotive Engineer
CAE Engineer
Marine Engineering Submarine Engineer
Design Engineer
Systems Engineer
Project Manager

Note: The job profiles are for indicative purposes. This can vary from one company to another. Though most of the roles are offered after personal interview and GD, however, to work at certain specific designations, you may also be required to appear for competitive exams like GATE.

Career Options after BE Degree

Upon completing BE degree course, apart from finding employment opportunities in your chosen field of study or exploring higher education programs, you can also opt for government services spread across sectors. However, for this, you will have to appear for some government exams. Some of the most sought-after career options after BE degree are:

  • Civil Services
  • Bank PO
  • Joining PSU’s like ONGC, BHEL, etc through exams like GATE
  • Join Air Force or Military Servies in armed roles or technical jobs
  • Work as a Technical Writer
  • Pursue a career as Business Development Manager
  • Start your own company

Higher Education Options after BE Degree

If you are holding a BE degree and you are looking for further studies, there are hundreds of universities offering intensive and specialized courses. Not only restricted to Engineeeirng fields but you can also explore Management courses like MBA, pursue civil services, opt for a bank job, etc. Enlisted are some of the major courses you can pursue after BE degree:

Note: In order to pursue PG courses form a university abroad, you need to qualify a few international exams specified by the particular institution. These exams include GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Apart from this, you will also be required to submit LORs and SOP.

BE Degree Salary

Engineering is one of the career options where innovation and individual contribution is valued. If you want to make a difference with the prospect for growth and adaptability then Engineering is the right choice. If you like solving problems and want to make a difference in society, then using your skills you can very well be the person. The salary packages for engineers vary from field to field but on average, a professional with BE degree can ear 8-30 lakhs a year. With the rising demand in the industry, a multitude of newly formed career prospects in Engineering have also emerged like Data Scientists, AI professionals, amongst others.

There are a multifarious range of universities and academic institutions that offer specialised programs in the field of Engineering. Further, with technological advancements, many institutes are also coming up with newly formed courses in areas of Information Technology and Robotics. Here is a list of some of the top universities that are renowned for their UG, PG, and diploma programs in Engineering.

Name of Institution Location QS 2023 Ranking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States 1
Stanford University US 2
University of Cambridge United Kingdom 3
ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland 4
The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) US 5
University of Oxford UK 6
Imperial College London UK  7
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore 8
Tsinghua University China  9
National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore 10

Top Engineering Colleges in India [NIRF 2023 Rankings]

Apart from the list of Engineering colleges abroad, here are some of the most coveted and top Engineering institutes which are known for their academic excellence and research outputs in India.

University NIRF Rankings 2023
Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) 1
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) 2
Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai (IITM) 3
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) 4
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP) 5
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) 6
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) 7
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad 8
National Institute of Technology Karnataka 13
National Institute of Technology Rourkela 16
Institute of Chemical Technology 18
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology 21
Jamia Millia Islamia 28


What is a BE degree?

After three to five years of engineering study at an approved college or university, students are given a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) or Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) undergraduate degree.

Is BE & BTech same?

While BTech is an application-based degree, BE is a sort of engineering course that increases the theoretical grounding of engineering students. In contrast to BE degree programmes, where internships and industrial trips are recommended but not required, BTech degree programmes need both.

How long is a BE degree?

The length of time needed to complete a bachelor’s degree can vary, especially if you’re pursuing an online bachelor’s degree.

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you gain clarity about varied higher education opportunities and career prospects you can discover after a BE degree. If you are unsure about which postgraduate course in Engineering is the right one for you, get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts and we’ll assist you in finding an ideal specialised program that aligns with your interests and career aspirations.

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