The theory of late bloomers

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Hiring at startups:

First of firsts, contrary to popular Twitter tech belief, I believe “pedigree” matters / aka what school you’ve gone to, what firms you’ve worked for – in 90%+ scenarios. It shows: ‘achieving’ matters to you, so do a bunch of basics right ✅

But not all Rockstars are pedigree – the outlier 5-10 %. 2. Pedigree folks are difficult to hire for early-stage / they are expensive, they’ll always have multiple options in life. So how to hack? ✅

Look for “late bloomers” – takes longer but worth every bit of it.

#LateBloomers are those who were not focused on proving themselves in traditional setups, who did not show they’re awesome via acads, but demonstrated smart chops elsewhere.

these are campus Rockstars in tier-2/3 colleges, who are now increasingly coming in their own.

Startups, early on in the journey, have to find these Rockstars; naturally, they are okay to work at less than the pedigree, hence the startup can afford + the rockstar is also pumped on making an impact in a more exciting place.. Find those late bloomers! 💎

And as a startup gets past PMF, gets 💰

– we see #pedigree come in, who anyway are Rockstars in their own right, & have proved it through and through, always.➡️ Then at growth stage, there forms a mix. But the #LateBloomers are tougher to find😄

/ hence fun! Go get em!✅

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