5 Reasons to Study in Germany

5 Reasons to Study in Germany- Leverage Edu
5 Reasons to Study in Germany- Leverage Edu

Over the last decade, Germany has solidified its position as one of the most popular education destinations for international students. Today, there is a huge population of international community studies in various German universities. Though there are many reasons for a student to study in Germany, these are the Top 5 reasons for studying in Germany.


  1. A World Class Degree

Germany is one of the best in the world when it comes to quality of education. Germany is almost synonymous with high quality of education. Germans devote a lot of importance to high-quality education and thus this is one of the best reasons to study in Germany. A degree from its top universities automatically marks the international student as one of the best. This is all the more applicable in the fields of science and engineering for which Germany is famous.


  1. Affordable Living Costs

Germany is much more affordable and reasonable when compared to the other countries in Europe. The cost of food, rent and other living expenses are approximately the same as the European Union average. Additionally, students in Germany enjoy a variety of concessions. Entry fees to various buildings and institutions, such as museums and theatres are low for students.


  1. You can study every subject in English, no need to speak German.

Germany has not only overcome the language barrier but has adapted its language offerings into a selling point. The country was recently named by the British Council, a cultural relations agency focused on providing international relations opportunities, as the top destination for international students in its comparison of education activity in different countries, Global Gauge. Addressing factors including availability, access, quality and recognition of degree, Global Gauge ranked Germany first, in part because of its premier international student services and the availability of English coursework.


  1. Cultural Revelations

Germany is right in the heart of Europe which makes it a culturally vivid and intriguing country, influenced by the surrounding diverse ethnicities. Living in Germany is like living with many colors; as a student, you will find it really hard to get bored even for an instant as there are always stimulating activities happening around you regardless of the city you are living in the country. Its past makes it an iconic figure with world’s most ravishing history, one truly challenging feature to all the people that decide to live and understand its roots.


  1. Numerous Scholarship Programmes

International students with excellent academic records can apply for variety of scholarships to finance their wish to study in Germany. The DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service is among the biggest scholarship organisations in the world. Students can easily find a scholarship that can take care of their specific needs with the help of this organisation.


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